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Monday, August 11, 2014

RCA of Southern Border Invasion

By Tom Rhodes, 8/11/2014

RCA, common acronym for Root Cause Analysis. We are suffering an invasion of children on our southern border. This invasion is mostly young men, men just ready to enter the labor market, and not children, but even if you accept the MSM propaganda and call them children, it is still an invasion. This invasion is the cause of the President of the United States acting outside his constitutional authority and legislating from the oval office. President Obama brought on this invasion the United States by legislating through executive order in 2012, declaring that he would stop deporting young illegal immigrants. Obama sent the clear, unmistakable, unequivocal signal that children entering the nation illegally would receive amnesty. Knowing existing laws require unaccompanied minors to be sheltered, fed, educated, and taken care of, there is no doubt the driving factor in the current invasion was Obama’s declaration, that he would forsake his oath of office, and usurp unconstitutional authority, and purposely fail to execute the law of the land and protect the constitution.

For the last few DECADES the Democrats promise to cooperate and enforce the border, but routinely and steadfastly obstruct all efforts to do so. The Republicans play lip service, their actions also clearly indicate that they are unwilling to actually secure the border. The reason is clear, corporations want to depress US wages, and an oversupply of cheap labor from the third world, results in lowered labor costs. We don’t need a minimum wage law, there are not jobs Americans won’t do. There are jobs Americans won’t do for the wages corporations want to pay, and lots of third world people who will do those jobs, because even $5/hr paid in cash living as an illegal in the USA is better than anything they have in their third world country. Need to see a doctor, and all you have to do is show up at any emergency room in the USA, they cannot turn you away, and you don’t have to pay them. Compared to medicine and living standards in most of the third world, this is a good deal.

Corporate America isn’t really interested in keeping low or no skill labor cheap. They want to keep skilled labor cheap. The law of supply and demand regulates labor just as it does everything else. If there is a glut, surplus, that exceeds demand, the value of what that surplus is traded is less. So if there is a shortage of unskilled labor, the cost to hire goes up, this dramatically increases the cost of skilled labor. If there is a labor shortage, and to keep a good hard working maid or stockboy you have to pay $15/hr. Then, the semi-skilled oil/tire change tech who was making $15/hr says why should I have to have the responsibility and do the training etc, if I don’t make more than the stockboy. So the semi-skilled wages increase proportionally to $17/hr. Then the certified auto technician who was making $38K per year doing tune-ups, brakes, etc. says, why should I study hard and pay to get and keep my certifications when I can change tires and earn just about as much with less responsibility and cost, so the skilled and certified tech wages increase to over $20/hr, etc. When there is a huge surplus of unskilled labor willing to work without benefits, etc. Then corporate America can tell the maid or stockboy who asks for a raise to pound sand, they can be replaced for cheap, this is trickle up economics, and it results in depressed wages for not just minimum wage jobs, but for all jobs.

Because Obama declared that the USA would not deport children, and the USA has laws guaranteeing unaccompanied minors shelter, food, education, the parents in corrupt third world hell holes are sending their children to the USA. All parents want better for their children than they have themselves, and life as an illegal alien child in the USA is better than anything their parents can offer them in their home countries. You don’t see these law breaking criminal immigrants coming from the well to do of the third world, they are from the poor, oppressed, and hopeless.

Obama has made it clear, his idea of compromise on the border issue is for Republicans to give him whatever he wants. He has made it clear that he won’t accept any suggestions or modifications from what he wants. That is not compromise, not bipartisanship, not leadership, that’s acting like a 4 year old who doesn’t get his way, so takes the ball and goes home. The problem is it’s not even Obama’s ball, it’s congresses ball, not only has Obama thrown a childish temper tantrum, but stolen authority that isn’t his. Obama and his unconstitutional usurpation of legislative authority is the sole cause of the invasion from the third world across our southern border. PERIOD. I wonder what corporations are pulling Obama’s strings to not only keep US labor wages stagnant, but actually depress those wages.

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