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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Obama Administration Declares Women are Not Equal

By Tom Rhodes, 7/31/2014

In a lawsuit filed against the Pennsylvania State Police, Holder and the Department of Justice have clearly stated women cannot do the same job as men. They say that having equal requirements for both men and women is unequal. That is liberal logic.

Here is a cold hard fact, an objective truth, equality is a myth. Equality is no more real than fairies, leprechauns, unicorns, vampires, or werewolves. Appealing to equality as a reason to grant some group favored status is simply engaging in meaningless rhetoric. Feminist appeal to equality is nothing more than attempting to guilt-trip men into giving them power to establish pro-female inequality.

The Pennsylvania State Police are being sued by the Obama administration because they expect female cadets to complete the same minimum requirements as men. How is having the same standards for the same job for everybody regardless of group identification unequal? The fact is that 94% of men and 70% of women pass the state police physical fitness test. What that says is what everybody knows, men and women are not equal. It is not evidence of discrimination.

The Obama administration wants women to have equal treatment, unless of course women can’t compete. Then they want special treatment. What this law suit says loud and clear, is that women cannot compete on equal terms. The DOJ irrational notion of disparate impact, is a tool for feminist hustlers to force preferential treatment for women. They are saying that even if a policy is equal and has no intention of discrimination if women can’t compete it’s sexist and a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

So the Obama administration is saying women are not capable, therefore you must reduce your standards. Sorry to bust your bubble but men and women are not equal, they cannot do the same work and hence won’t have equal outcomes. If you believe otherwise, you might as well believe in the tooth fairy, unicorns, and the DH. It is only unrealistic, utopian, illogical, emotional thinking that could ever justify expecting men and women to be equal in the market place. They are not equal, they are different.

Obama’s DOJ is suing those evil cops for having the audacity to treat female candidates the same as their male candidates. Don’t those evil bastards in Pennsylvania running the state police know that in Obama’s Fiefdom (formerly known as the USA), “equality” means treating everyone differently? In Obama’s utopia, anybody who cannot or will not perform to some standard is entitled to the same outcome as those who exceed or meet any standard. Welcome to the new utopian world of Obama. I hear that next month Obama will sick his DOJ attack dog, Holder, on the NBA and all teams will have to have at least one short fat old non-Hispanic white guy and one Asian woman, in their starting line-ups, the name of equality.

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