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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moral Rot = Less Liberty

By Tom Rhodes, 7/10/2014

The bottom line is that America has lost its moral compass. Deficits, runaway national debt, unbridled federal spending are the symptoms of Americas Moral Decay. There is no moral backbone in America. The citizenry now openly demands congress forcibly use some Americans to serve the purposes of others. As a nation, we are suffering from a deep seated moral rot, that is most evidenced by the end of the Rule of Law.

We now routinely substitute legally allowable for morally right. Of course it is legal to stone women for adultery is some nations today, that does not make it morally right. Walter Williams has been talking about this for years. He poses this question: “Is it moral for Congress to forcibly use one person to serve the purposes of another?” Note he doesn’t ask if it’s legal, but rather asks if its moral.

Let’s think about it using a Professor Williams example: “Suppose I saw a homeless, hungry elderly woman huddled on a heating grate in the dead of winter. To help the woman, I ask somebody for a $200 donation to help her out. If the person refuses, I then use intimidation, threats and coercion to take the person's money. I then purchase food and shelter for the needy woman.” His question is by forcing another person to pay for a charity he cares about has he a crime?

If you honestly answer yes, and you hopefully believe that taking the property of another is theft, even if they plan on giving it to somebody needy. Now the more difficult part, as Dr. Williams proposes; “Would it be theft if I managed to get three people to agree that I should take the person's money to help the woman? What if I got 100, 1 million or 300 million people to agree to take the person's $200? Would it be theft then? What if instead of personally taking the person's $200, I got together with other Americans and asked Congress to use Internal Revenue Service agents to take the person's $200?” He clearly illustrates how making an action legal, does not morally justify that action.

There is a very old and very famous quote that says: “the more corrupt a state the more numerous its laws.” The USA is a representative republic, those elected to the represent the people reflect the people. It is obvious that there is moral rot in our elected leaders. The higher up the more obvious the rot. The current president has no regard for the rule of law, separation of powers, or telling the truth. In fact a large number of people openly say it’s OK to for the president to lie in order to get congress to do what he wants. That is moral rot of our country at its core.

The GOP in 2010 elected a lot of representatives based on support of the TEA Party. Overwhelmingly those newly elected representatives voted for the statist positions against their promises to their constituents and those who supported them as soon as they got power. That is moral rot of our country at its core.

Today you don’t dare criticize the opinions of a college co-ed porn star, that automatically makes you a misogynist woman hater. Criticize the character of a liar who happens to be black and your racist. Expose the character of any politician, especially liberal, and your attacked. That is moral rot of our country at its core.

Our schools now teach innocent pre-pubescent children about gay sex, anal sex, alternative life styles, and how to put condoms on bananas while parents dress up their little girls like trollops. As a society we no longer protect, much less value the innocence of children. That is moral rot of our country at its core.

Unless we elect people of character, regardless of their race, sex, political party, etc. there is no hope for the USA ever being the land of liberty it once was. Until and unless the people of the country are willing to live with the consequences of their own life decisions, instead of voting for the use of force to make others pay for their bad life choices, the USA ever being the land of liberty it once was.

History is pretty clear, repeatedly civilizations have become prosperous, then decadent, then fallen back to barbarism. Never in history has any civilization that has become decadent survived. What do you call a society that decries those who would dare criticize a porn star, and calls “disgusting” and silences a girl who demonstrates wholesome self-sufficiency, as the past couple weeks have shown our society did?

The moral compass of America is screwed up. Historically societies that become decadent fall, Rome being a primary example. The USA is not exempt from cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations. We are seeing as moral rot in the USA increases liberty, even freedom of speech, decreases. The Bible has an entire book dedicated to the privation and suffering that occurs when the people as a whole morally decay – Judges. Follow the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, and people prosper and have liberty, abandon those basic instructions, and suffer and are enslaved, repeat. Moral Rot = Less Liberty. History and current events are proving our forefathers right, the Constitution is wholly inadequate for an immoral people.

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