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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When the Truth Doesn’t fit Reality

By Tom Rhodes, 7/17/2013

The objective truth is that the Media and Obama and the ruling elite don’t give a rat’s ass about the killing of young black men including Travon Martin. The objective truth is that only an eighth of the US population is black but half of all murder victims are black. There’s not a huge outcry because the overwhelming majority of the murderers who kill young black men are other young black men. Even they know that if you try to blame blacks killing blacks on whites you sound absurd. There is significant black on white violence across the country but that too is ignored. The only time there is ever an outcry from the main stream media, Obama, or the ruling elite, is if they can use it to promote the failed leftist notion that there is a white power structure looking to reinstate Jim Crow.

Once the media heard about an unarmed black teen getting shot by what they thought was a guy who was not arrested, and had the last name of Zimmerman, and they could blame a law they hate, stand your ground, they had a field day. Screw the facts this story provided a narrative to promote their statist mantra. A white guy with a Jewish sounding name shot a black guy and didn’t get arrested, it has to be racism. NBC got the 911 tapes and to further their narrative, they selectively edited the tape to make the “white” guy sound racist. The “white” guy turns out to be Hispanic, so the press invents a new race “White Hispanic.” ABC gets the police video, but it too supports the self-defense claim which doesn’t fit the narrative so they publicize a “low resolution” version that makes it look like he wasn’t injured. During the trial a black witness uses clearly racial epithet that has to be explained away. In general the facts didn’t fit the story they wanted to tell, so the press edited, manipulated, and lied to tell the story the wished were true regardless of what was actually true.

Obama opines that if he had a son, his son would be like Travon. We know that both Obama and Travon were dopers, Obama admitted it in his autobiography and drugs were found in Travon’s system. Maybe this explains why evidence of the fact that Travon was a thug who liked to fight, and his criminal history was suppressed and covered up? Maybe Obama is more like Travon than he wants to admit, people whose crimes are covered up by the government because they don’t fit the narrative. You might say “like father like son.”

It is clear that the case was a political tool used to further the narrative that America is a racist country. The media and power elite used this case to demagogue the public and play on their emotions to advance their statist agenda. The facts keep getting in the way, like the reality that America is not a brutal and racist country that needs more government interventionism to end racism; or that white people who believe in judging people by the content of their character not the color of their skin, are not a threat to black success. They ignore the problems in the black community which in our inner cities is murdering itself at third world rates. They ignore the evidence of vast amounts of black on white violence. They look for and grab at the hugely rare incidence of white on black crime, and in this case, actually manufacture white on black crime to further their idea that all people need more government control of their lives, which is the fundamental change to the system Obama and leftists want.

Here are some facts. If you’re white in the USA your chances of being murdered are about as low as any industrialized nation in the world, the reason is cultural. If you’re black in the USA and live in a major US city your chances of being murdered are much higher and look typical of third world murder rates, the reason is cultural. If Obama and the press really cared about the murder of young black men they would be trying to make fundamental changes in the subculture of urban black communities that is murdering itself at third world rates instead of trying to blame it on the part of our culture that isn’t murdering itself at horrific rates. They don’t care, the only thing Obama and progressives care about is concentrating more power in government hands. The Zimmerman case is an excuse to attack individual rights that get in the way of more government power.

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