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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leave the Republican Party – It left you 20 years ago.

By Tom Rhodes, 7/3/2013

If you believe in limited government, the protection of individual rights, the Constitution, and appreciate and believe our founding fathers were right then you should leave the GOP and join the LP. Ask yourself what does the Republican Party Stand for? What is the mission and goals of the GOP other than crony protection?

From the actions of the Republicans you can safely assume the goals of the GOP are as follows:

  • To insure the surveillance of every citizen in the USA.
  • To meddle in the affairs of other countries.
  • To increase spending every year slightly slower than than the Democrats.
  • To grant the president tyrannical powers exempt from the rule of law.
  • To ignore scandals by the federal government.
  • To allow the IRS to neuter any grass-roots political group that doesn’t support statism.
  • To appoint Supreme Court Justices with no moral or legal bearings.
  • To enable unlimited migration from third world countries to the USA.
  • To ignore laws restricting the Debt Limit, and raise the limit whenever it’s inconvenient.
  • To constantly grow the size and scope government, just do it a little bit more slower than the other guys.
  • To protect big business at the expense of individual rights.
  • To boldly proclaim, “We’re not as bad as the other guys.”

    Those are obvious goals of the Republican Party, as clearly demonstrated by their actions. They obviously no longer have the principles of their platform. You can see the transparent spinelessness of the ruling elite in the GOP, who are totally clueless as to the principles and ideas of their constituency. They exist merely to keep existing GOP leadership in office – PERIOD! They are nearing extinction because of RINO leadership. No rational person can conclude that liberals like John McCain and Mitt Romney represent the rank and file of the GOP. It has become the Party of the Statist Corporation, by the Statist Corporation and for the Statist Corporation.

    You Mr. and Mrs. Republican, haven’t bought into Obama’s terrifying goals to “fundamentally transform America” into some kind of statist utopia. But the statism-lite offered by the GOP isn’t a reasonable alternative to Obama’s vision. Mr. and Mrs. Republican you are looking for a party that will stand up for the Constitution, stand up for the rule of law, stand up for equal protection under the law, stand up for a government that protects individual liberty. You want a party to fight the presidential and judicial tyranny that is taking away your representation. You want a part that will fight the anti-American concept of unlimited government.

    In 2010, you got together with your fellow believers in what was America, formed grass roots “TEA Parties” and gave a stunning victory to the Republicans. Here in Florida you fell for the GOP lies and ignored the consistent warnings of the LPF, you elected Marco Rubio, only to be betrayed immediately as he is just another stooge of the Republican establishment. He and the entire GOP have and do hold you in contempt. Quit supporting them.

    You don’t need to leave the Republican Party, It left you 20 years ago. The GOP has no use for grass roots believers in limited government. The GOP has no use for the idea of your Founding Fathers. The GOP has no use for our history of individual freedom and responsibility. The GOP has no use for you.

    Check out the LPF platform, I’m sure you’ll find it’s more in line with what you believe than what the actions of the Republican Party have shown you. The Libertarian Party of Florida is not your grandfathers Libertarian Party; Being for less government is not being for Anarchy; Being against abuses by the police is not being anti-law enforcement; Being against failed prohibition laws is not promoting drug use; Saying the government has no business in your bedroom is not being anti-family. The Republican lies about Libertarians are just that Lies to try and keep you in the party that has abandoned you. The Libertarian Party of Florida is the Party of Principle and does have use for and does appreciate your views. In fact the LPF promotes and defends the following principles:

  • Recognizing absolute freedom of speech, religion, and association
  • Demanding Constitutionally-limited government
  • Ensuring minimal taxation and balanced budgets
  • Defending property rights
  • Asserting sovereignty of the State from unconstitutional federal interference
  • Asserting sovereignty of the Republic from unconstitutional international interference
  • Upholding the Second Amendment and the absolute right to self defense
  • Promoting a true free market economy
  • Defending personal privacy and the Fourth Amendment
  • Promoting strong national defense through a Constitutional foreign policy
  • Ending government corruption
  • Ensuring no individual, corporation or government is above the rule of law
  • Ending prohibitions on all personal activities that do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    The GOP left you a long time ago, the LPF can and will restore your liberty and freedom from the uniform statist tyranny now offered by both the Democrats and your Republican Party. Find out how you can make a difference at www.lpf.org.
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