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Monday, September 10, 2012

Reality Check

By Tom Rhodes, 9/10/2012

Morpheus offered the red or blue pill, it didn't make a difference, the choice was not real, the Wachowski brothers pre-determined the outcome. Forget the gloom and doom if Obama is re-elected. The facts don't justify the fears. The reality is that If Obama is re-elected he will not and cannot usher in socialism, collapse, etc. Obama may say his performance was "Incomplete" but the fact is he failed and cannot institute his evil plans. Let's face it his speech at the DNC was not 2008's full of promises, hope and change. In his 2008 campaign he routinely made bold promises and predictions like reducing the debt by ½ etc. that he now knows he cannot fulfill. Reality has hit Obama.

In reality Obama delivered the opposite of many of his promises; budget deficit is double not half of what it was; his anti-war promises have resulted in sending more troops to what has historically been the graveyard of empires, Afghanistan, and his use of drone attacks on country after country with which we have not declared war; his often claim to stand in 2008 against the redefinition of marriage resulted in his support of gay marriage; the list of broken promises is hundreds long. But then he met his promises just as well as George H. "No New Taxes" Bush did.

Some facts that are scary include large ammunition purchases by many federal agencies that directly report to the president, and his claiming and asserting that the president has a right to assassinate US citizens without due process; evidence supports the idea that he is trying to keep his promise of a internal "police" force as well armed and funded as the military.

Obama will not be successful in any more of his original big ideas of the 2008 election in his second term. If re-elected his second term will be like that of most other presidents, he will be busy trying to survive and/or cover up the abuses of his first term; Nixon and Clinton were impeached, Regan had Iran Contra, etc. "Fast and Furious" is already outed, but dead border patrol agents made possible by giving guns to drug lords in Mexico as an excuse to blame lax US gun laws is probably small potatoes compared to what we have yet to learn.

Obama now knows a lot that has changed his candidacy this year from 2008: the economy has not and is not improving; Obama knows that far fewer people are working than when he took office; he knows what he's directed or allowed his administration to do, that the people and press don't yet know; he's confident that the Republicans will retain the House, and may that they may gain the Senate, so he knows he won't get the laws he wants; he knows and understands that his entire second term if he wins will be 4 years of a lame duck presidency. His obvious lack of enthusiasm for the job is more than evident.

That may be good for the American People, Romney who clearly is not substantively different than Obama, may be far worse for the USA if he wins. Unlike Obama if Romney wins the next 4 years he won't have a opposing house and will be able to institute his big government, big business, mandates against individual liberty. His behavior at the RNC indicates that he would be just as likely as Obama to rule by fiat. He may even be more aggressive as silencing speech that doesn't support/promote the government as Obama has tried. The only salvation is that if Romney wins the Press will be against him. I'm not sure which would be better for the country, a crony-capitalist president like Romney, with a congress who supports him but who the press actively criticizes and attacks, or a crony-socialist president like Obama without congressional support but who has the support of the press.

At least if Obama wins we have a man in office who by his own admission spent his seminal years smoking pot and bucking the system who if history is any indication, will spend a lot of time on the golf course avoiding exposing himself or his administration to more attacks, not a driven corporatist who will further cronyism at the expense of the average citizen's liberty.

Of course if the GOP or Democrats are foolish enough to allow Gary Johnson into the debates, all bets are off as most people in this country agree with his ideas, and a Johnson win would not only be a boost for all individuals, but would embolden the liberty loving side of the GOP, and RLC and Tea Party side would support his plans, and the liberty loving side of the Democrats who promote civil rights and are against stupid wars would also be an ally. But unfortunately for us he won't be in the debates, and the press won't give the people a chance at real choice. The best we can hope for is a divided government that can't get anything done, because what both Obama and Romney want to do will empower government and the ruling elite's cronies at the expense of the American people.

Ask yourself; are you better off with more liberty or less? Then ask yourself if the past 50 years of more and more government has made you better off than your parents or grandparents? Do you find that unlike the past you need more than one income to support your household? Electing the same corporate cronies, Republican or Democrat, has only proven to increase the size and scope of government and decrease the value of individuals, If we elect either of them again it will produce the same; more laws and regulations limiting liberty, protecting the crony corporate friends of government, and making it harder for the individual. If Romney or Obama wins it won't be much different for the average American, maybe that's why at the last election more people (over 70 Million registered voters) choose to stay home rather than vote for either Obama or McCain, since it wasn't really a choice voting wasn't worth the effort. Goldman Sachs and the big banks are financially supporting both Obama and Romney. You see the ruling elite had a debate among themselves while dining on filet mignon have decided what's best for everybody is tofu. When you crave and need a good steak and you're only offered artificially colored red or blue tofu burgers, does choosing really matter?

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