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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Non PC Questions That Need to Answers.

By Tom Rhodes, 9/4/2012

America is not what it used to be. We no longer hold the top spot for freedom in the world? We are no longer the most economically free, nor the most politically free. Answers to some politically incorrect questions may answer when and why the USA is no-longer the home of liberty she once was. Here are some politically incorrect questions we should ask ourselves, our elected leaders, and political candidates.

  • When did nannyism become the defacto condition of our federal government?

  • When did merely presenting clearly Constitutional positions become extreme?

  • When did the press become the mouth piece for the Democrat Party?

  • Why did our priorities in war change from protecting the lives of troops, killing the enemy, and breaking the will of the country/group which we are at war, become getting good press, protecting enemy civilians, and building nations?

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

  • Because democracy is nothing more than the tyranny of the majority, when did recognizing that, and recognizing that we live in a republic whose government is limited and created to protect the rights of individuals become an extreme position?

  • When did people acquire the right to the labor and property of others without just compensation?

  • Why are so many politicians willing to sacrifice every citizens liberty for questionable improvements in their security?

  • When did an idiot hurting himself by using a product for something it clearly wasn't designed become the fault of the product manufacturer? In other words, when did idiots doing idiotic things become the fault of others?

  • Why is it racist that the NBA lacks black coaches, and not racist that it lacks Asian players?

  • Why did "old fashioned" ideas like virginity, chastity, loyalty, and believing marriage is a lifelong commitment become passé?

  • When did being on welfare, getting fee school lunch, using food stamps, and moving back home with mom and dad after graduating college stop being shameful behavior?

  • When did having 5 babies from 5 different sires become an acceptable career choice? Or why does society support slutty behavior by increasing financial support to women who engage in risky behavior that results in them having more children with neither the familiar nor financial means of raising them?

  • Why is it acceptable for public schools to teach about Islam but not about the Bible? Or to but it another way, why is Christianity now the only religion that is acceptable to discriminate against?

  • When did politicians making openly communistic statements about spreading the wealth cease being nails in their political coffins?

  • When did the right of the public to remain armed to protect themselves from a tyrannical government become the right to have a government approved gun for sporting purposes?

  • Why is the heart of current political debate on government policies about intentions, motives, or personal characteristics of the debater and not about the policy and whether a it works, or if the policy is constitutional or the cost/benefit analysis of the policy. or if it takes away individual freedom and liberty?

  • When did the age old wisdom delaying purchases until you can pay for them stop being financially sound advice?

  • When did freedom of assembly and association become unconstitutional?

  • When did Freedom become a condition Americans fear to face without government holding our hand?

  • When did the common expression "Don't make a Federal Case of it" cease to be relevant?

  • Why do we allow congress to write laws that they are exempt?

  • Why does "racism" now mean disagreeing with Democrats?

  • Why did it become acceptable for the President to assassinate US Citizens without due process of law instead of grounds for impeachment, removal from office, criminal trial, and imprisonment?

  • As a society we have always found some way to limit the taxes on our income to about 20% of our GDP regardless of the legal tax rates; why do politicians think that if they change the tax law, we will ever give them any more than that? With decades and decades of history showing that, why do they spend more than they know they will ever be able to collect in taxes?

  • When did Liberty quit being a sacred cause which America judged her politicians?
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