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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama Makes Orwell Look Like An Amateur

By Tom Rhodes, 9/27/2011

As a word smith George Orwell was a piker compared to Obama. Consider these words from Obama: “… but [if] you are serious about the deficit overall—then part of what you have to look at is unjustifiable spending through the tax code …” The meaning is clear, taking less of the money people earn, is to be considered unjustifiable spending, as if the money was the governments to spend and allowing mere people to keep their earnings is the government graciously “spending” on that citizen. To accept Obama’s premise is to accept that the money American Taxpayers make is the government’s money and not the person who labored to earn it. Obama has clearly said that the government owns your labor, and that merely allowing you to keep the money which you traded your labor to acquire is him spending on you. What is the difference between that and serfdom?

Obama counts what are clearly tax increases, as spending cuts if they are not used for to increase the governments size and expenditures. He wants us to believe that by not borrowing money, and thus not paying more interest, “interest saved” as “spending cuts.” How do you explain a $1Trillion dollar increase in taxes as a $200Billion spending cut, because that is the amount of money saved in interest by not having to borrow that trillion dollars. Orwell would have been amazed at how the actual implementation of the ideas his famous and prophetic novel “1984” espoused.

The press and the government talk about the “rising cost of farm subsidies” real people and reality are that there is not a rising “cost” of farm subsidies, but a rise in spending on farm subsidies. Obama, his administration, and the left leaning press all have a clear objective in using obfuscating words and speech, to fundamentally change America from a land that protects and values individual rights to a land of bigger and bigger centralized government.

History has proven over and over again that centralized power leads inevitably to statism, despotism, and the loss of individual liberty. The Obama administration is installing more bureaucrats with more power and ushered in unprecedented public sector growth. His administration is continually granting more authority to unelected bureaucrats and removing from the congress and hence people, the power to effect and change laws and leadership. Obama has noted that congress, accountable to the people and special interest groups, cannot pass laws and regulations such as “cap and trade” because the people make themselves heard, and the legislature, liking their jobs, does as the people want, not as Obama and the corporate ruling elite would dictate. So rather than convince the people, and congress, he is usurping power bureaucratically doling out power and favors as he sees fit. Despotism through bureaucracy is no less despotic than through a dictator.

The US and its constitution is unlike any other governing body in the world, past or present. Unlike even the current E.U. Constitution the US Constitution is predicated on preserving the liberty of the individual. Our Declaration of Independence clearly states the purpose of our government; saying that it was established by men to protect the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Providing for the needs of the masses, means of monitoring and controlling people, etc. are not the purpose of the US Government, and to the chagrin of Obama, the US Government is severely limited by the US Constitution. The American system of government with its term limits, open primaries, direct elections of representatives, electoral college to force distributed power to all the states, and limits on government power, provide real and historic safeguards for preserving American Liberty. Liberty which many in the world hate, and which millions have chosen, even risking their lives, and the ruling elite find detrimental to increasing their power, is the hallmark of the American Ideal.

America does not always lived up to her ideals. The abomination of slavery and racial segregation were some of America’s historical failures. But even though we didn’t always live up to our ideals our history is clear that we valued and changed to meet and advance towards the founding principles written down by Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and others. The very ideals and principles that were used to establish our government have withstood the test of time. American citizens appreciate the innumerable benefits of our Constitution, and want to preserve the principles enshrined within it. The citizens of the US have begun to fight vigorously against the European socialization of the greatest country in the history of the world. Both parties hate and attack the TEA Party movement. They can’t control it, so demonize it. The growth of the Tea Party isn’t a reaction to the economic slump but to how the ruling elite of both parties have dealt with it. Spending more, expanding government power, helping big banks and business while letting the average Joe fall. The people wanted the and expected the rule of law to apply, even to failed banks, they wanted the Federal Reserve to just reorganize failing banks and stop there, just as they have with past bank failures. Allow those who have excess of the FDIC insured values, suffer, not to tax everybody to cover for the bad decisions of big banks, big government, and big business. If GM and Chrysler couldn’t make it, let them go the way of Ramble, Stutz, and dozens of other US car makers. We expected the government to treat GM like it did American Motors, not ignore the law, and grant favors to those it choose, and thwart those it didn’t.

The TEA Party, represents the average person, not special interests, or groups, its focus is economics but it has come to represent the wide variety of objections to the way things have been going in this country. It’s an amorphous socio-political phenomena like others that appear from time to time. Not a planned orchestrated movement. The ruling elite hate it, and more importantly hate the fact not even its own members are interested in becoming a political party, let alone be absorbed by one of the Big Two. This popular movement doesn't have to deal with problems of party organization, party platforms or party consensus. Its sole purpose is to reduce the power the ruling elite in Washington have over the people. Because Washington hands out favors etc, big business, liberals, corporate cronies, all have a vested interest in the TEA Party going away. It is more a random collection of dissatisfactions than any kind of conspiracy, it would not and could not have come into existence if either of the major parties inspired confidence. Like any vacuum, it will be filled, the TEA Party fills the vacuum created by both parties whose sole purposes are to gain power and protect their crony benefactors. The people are and have spoken, Enough already!!

Last year’s elections were not pro-GOP, they were anti-government. The Hubris of elected leaders earned the thrashing incumbents and the Democrats received at the hands of the people. Current polls indicate that November may see a lot of new faces in Washington, regardless of party, the people have had enough of government. The people are tired of hearing about “increased revenues” and “government investments” from an unquestioning media; these clever Orwellian euphemisms for “More Taxes” and More Spending” and less liberty don’t fool us anymore.

It means equal treatment under the law, a level playing field, etc. Allowing illegal labor to come in to this country and depress wages by expanding the labor market, or rewarding business to move jobs to overseas companies isn’t fair. Wealth redistribution isn’t fair. Contrary to what the ruling elite want to believe, and want the people to believe, the people are not stupid; as eloquently as Obama tries to create terms and words to distract and misinform, the people get it, and have rejected the socialistic Marxist ideology and ranting that he and the corporate cronies he protects are promoting. The People understand that protecting individual liberty will not result in equal outcomes. They want and believe in the founding principles of this country, and realize that the government has created a loaded deck, where big business, unions, big banks, and the big government are protected, and where competition and opportunity for the common man is suppressed; equality under the law is no longer even talked about; rule of law doesn’t apply to government or big business. The Orwellian form our government is headed has been recognized. The TEA Party is the people’s response. We do not accept the premises that the government is everything, owns everything and has rights to our labor and distribute it as they see fit. We will not be fooled by political double speak. We are a sovereign people not serfs. The ideas which Obama expresses, and believes, that the government rules the people and the people labor to serve the government, is completely opposite of why we established a limited republic to unite the states. Government of the people and by the people is not dead, and as such, Obama’s so-called progressive ideas must perish.

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