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Monday, August 22, 2011

Statism vs. Freedom

By Tom Rhodes 8/22/2011

Right now the US is polarized. The political and economic direction that the people in Washington and press are talking about they have not correctly identified. They people in DC, statists, have the press in their pocket and are not addressing the actual sentiment of the American people and the direction the people want to move. They are coaching their responses in degrees of government control while the actual mood of the country is towards freedom not statism. These are the main positions and points of contention in the USA:

  • More Spending (control of resources by the state) vs. Cutting Spending (control of resources by individual people)

  • Obamacare (state control) vs. Vouchers and Free Market Medicine (controlled by individual people)

  • Energy Planning (State Control, heavy regulation) vs Industry/consumer determined energy policy

  • Targeted tax cuts (State favors) vs broad tax cuts (treat each individual equally)

  • Dodd-Frank (State Control, more bureaucracy) vs Free markets (individual control)

  • Higher levels of Regulation (state control) vs Lower levels of regulation (individual responsibility)

  • More agencies and departments (more State control) vs elimination of agencies and departments (less state control)

    The true divide we are seeing is those who want some ruling elite to make their choices for them and eliminate individual responsibility, over the freedom of individuals to make their own choices. Statists don’t want to allow individuals to have freedom, they want to concentrate more control into the hands of fewer people. They do so with the promise to individuals to be “free” from the responsibility and consequences of their choices, in exchange for obedience to the state.

    The non-violent way to settle this is with elections. We had such an election in 2010, statists got their but kicked. Freedom loving people declared the want less central planning and less state control. The ruling elite are not happy (nor are the lame stream press). Thinking that this was an anomaly, in Wisconsin the statists tried to retake control through recall elections. The elections were clear and they statists failed. The people want less not more state control. Any pundit or politician telling you otherwise is deluded or a liar. Statists are running scared.

    Our government is very scared that they cannot control elections as they have in the past. The explosion in communications makes it harder to control the news people see, and ideas they share. Because of this, and the heavy losses in the last election to people who are not loyal to the state, but are loyal to the people who elected them, Statists are demonizing not just the TEA Party, but any person who argues against more central planning and control. Proof of statist fear can be seen in the recent Homeland Security and FBI announcements to be on the lookout for Christian white males using cash to purchase hurricane and disaster preparedness supplies, self reliant people who do not trust the government as their protector, are potential terrorists. How exactly does the U.S. Department of Homeland Security view terrorists? You can see who the government fears in a new public service announcement that encourages Americans to report "suspicious" behavior to authorities. Watch Here.

    The funny thing is that in reality what the government tells us to fear and look out for is not the profile of actual terrorists. Checking the Bombathon 2011 Scorecard , the first 20 days of Ramadan there has been over 100 terror attacks around the world in the name of Islam, with over 450 associated deaths. In the same time period there have been zero attacks and zero deaths in the name of all other religions. Comparing reality to government flyers and video’s it is obvious that the only reasonable explanation is that the government fears the vote self reliant citizens who love freedom more than it fears the bombs and murder by blood thirsty Islamic zealots who favor statism and despise western freedom.

    This would explain why statists refer to the TEA Party as a terrorist organization, but won’t call Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist organizations. Statists accuse those congressmen who would vote as they promised their constituents terrorists, kidnappers, and worse for using their vote to enact change; change that they hope will move the country away from state control and towards liberty. Statists equate a legal vote to limit the government with real bombs killing innocent people.

    None of the polls indicate that more state control is popular, congress is polling at an all time low and the chief statist, Pres. Obama, is bombing out. This is not party specific; the people are rightly blaming, centralized control, and not the Democrats or Republicans directly. Note the massive increase in independent and third party voter registration. We in the Libertarian Party are seeing massive growth, new leadership, and more interest in libertarian ideas they ever in our history. It doesn’t take a genius to see that things like the DoED, with more centralized planning, and statist control of education has failed; if you point this out the statists will attack you as wanting to end education, when the reality is the people want to end central planning of education.

    The biggest boom to our economy, ever, was post WWII, when there was massive contraction of the government and centralized control and planning. Reducing central planning, eliminating state controls like rationing, and eliminating thousands of government employees and soldiers, resulted in the greatest economic expansion the world ever saw. If you compare real liberty, standards of living, and quality of life in countries with more vs. less state control, you will find that it is quite clear that the more economic freedom and protection of private property found in a country, the better off the people of that country are. We are seeing the US standard of living drop as we see more central planning; we see the standard of living increase where we see decrease in central planning and control in other countries. The problem is that with more central planning comes more power for statists, power they desire and won’t easily relinquish. Statists, regardless of party, firmly believe that it is better to have state control of the economy and politics at the expense of individual liberty. The simple fact is that less central planning results in more freedom.

    What do you support freedom, or statism?
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