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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Us vs. Them

by Tom Rhodes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, you don’t trust the information you get from Washington. Like all Americans you are fed up with the fact that you can’t trust Washington. Regardless of what new laws they pass; they either pass the wrong ones or won’t enforce the ones they do pass. The difference between Libertarians and the Democrats and Republicans is that the Libertarians don’t even pay lip service to the lies of Washington leaders. We don’t get elected because we actually tell the truth.

All sides keep attacking both immigration and tax laws as an example of what is wrong in Washington. These two areas are a threat to our liberty and are an example of the rulers in Washington working at creating a dictatorship or small oligarchy to rule the USA.

History is clear, the easiest way to have dictatorial powers is to create laws that you don’t enforce. You can make everyone a criminal, and with selective enforcement, the government can decide who to jail and who to let free. Without having to abide by the rule of law the government can dictate rather than build a consensus. They can through power and threat ignore the limitations that the people put upon them.

Currently the government does not enforce immigration laws and has created a tax code so complex that it’s impossible to follow. The country has become so over criminalized that it is impossible for any individual or company to go a single day without breaking some kind of law. The government has also gone to absurd degrees in enforcing some laws for non criminal behavior. Explain how when an elementary school boy points a little green army man at a class mate can ever been reasonable construed as a criminal threat with a deadly weapon?

The absurdity of too much government has lead to a definite us vs. them mentality. The government has created a permanent under-class of criminals in this country, completely at the leave of the federal government. So the idiocy of the government is to create more complex laws- like Real ID- to combat problems related to them not enforcing laws in the first place.

The result is a constant assault and erosion of our liberties. Nobody trusts the government anymore, especially our leaders. As Americans we want to feel that when our President speaks we are hearing the truth. Nobody can objectively trust what comes out of our Presidents’ mouths. From Clinton’s famous “I did not have sex with that woman” while being impeached to Bush’s “I have been very candid about my past," during the 2000 campaign. Obama started early as president with lies, he promised not to raise taxes on those making less than $250K, and within a month of taking office raised taxes on tobacco, which disproportionately affects the poor. The point at which Obama totally lost credibility with the majority of Americans probably came last December when after ripped the Republicans as "hostage takers" on the "tax deal", then agreed to it. Rather than address this lie he left left it to Clinton to justify it, and people wonder why she is resigning.

One of the many planks that the Republicans ran in 2010, and promised was “tax reform.” One of the many planks that the Democrats ran in 2010, and promised was to “tax the rich.” The American people are fed up and know both parties are deceitful. We the people get screwed. Anybody who can do basic math, realizes that if we taxed the rich at 100% we wouldn’t even cover a year’s worth of government spending, so the Democrats mantra of trying to get more out of the rich won’t work. And anybody who can read, looks at the history of the Republicans, to see that they will continue to provide their rich patrons tax breaks, and do nothing of substance to reduce spending, they never have and never will.

Tax law is what the government uses to pay off the rich who directly fund the Washington elite. Lobbyists spend about $5Billion every year, and end up with about $200Billion in direct tax breaks for those whom they lobby. If your rich, or a rich company, that is a wise investment. The rulers in Washington, get a good deal, and are made wealthy looking out for their investors.

Why should any person who earns $X pay any different taxes than any other person who earns the exact same $X per year? If our countries leaders believed in the Rule of Law, and Equal Rights, then everybody who earned $X would pay the same taxes, Period. The tax code it used to reward those whom the government wants to reward, and to direct social engineering. A system that did not tax the poor, and then taxed everybody equally based on how much they consumed (the rich consume a lot more than the poor and this type of system would be very progressive). There is nothing fair about it and it will never be fair, as tax code exercised under the threat of force is the source of virtually all of our government’s power.

The Democrats and Republicans singular goal is to maintain power and take it from the other party. They do not have the interest of the people at heart. Even when they know a program has failed, to protect government workers and the illusion that their ideas and plans are effective, they will stop at nothing to protect such failed policies. Consider Head-Start, there is zero evidence that this program has any lasting benefits. Every study done, there are several, clearly demonstrate that this program provides zero long term benefits to children although it does have considerable costs. Even when confronted with verifiable factual objective data that clearly demonstrates that this is a government program that could be eliminated with no long term detriment the children it supposedly serves, those in government rationalize why we must continue this boondoggle. Generally this blame is on liberals (they exist in both major parties). Although a token Republican or two has talked about ending such programs, they know it is just a token gesture to try and appease a segment of the population calling for change. The fact is both parties use this kind of government boondoggle to buy supporters and maintain their power.

Our country, like many others, is at a critical juncture. The government has promised to take care of everybody knowing it doesn’t have the resources to do that. The Ponzi scheme it has used forcing payment for today’s promise on tomorrows people are not sustainable. The special patronage to those the government favors over the people has become blatant. The disregard for the rule of law and equal rights by the government is becoming more obvious. The historic norm for the world for almost all of history is power and wealth for a few who control the use of force, and poverty and servitude for everybody else. The Christian Reformation and the advancement of related ideas which accumulated in the US experiment, documented as documented Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and the Amendments and laws which attempted to protect all individuals rights, are contrary to thousands of years of history. Like the other brief spots of liberty and freedom the world has seen, this one too will end, as those with power and the ability to force their will on others (even for their own good) will strip away liberty and force the masses into servitude again.

Think about it, we started with a government made up of the people and one that trusted the people more than it did the government. As such it recognized the right and need of the people to have the ability to throw off the government, by force if necessary. So we restricted the government. Until the failure of the government control program we call Prohibition, any weapon the military had was freely available to the people. Some of the people thinking of prohibition as tyranny, took up arms, including Tommy-guns, so that they could defend themselves from a tyrannical government enforcing unjust laws un-equally. The tyranny of prohibition made almost every American a criminal. Just at the prohibition against pot does today. After the government’s failed attempt to force the people to do what the government thought best (not drink), they set about putting up restrictions to how the people could arm themselves, because an armed populace made tyrannical laws much more difficult to enforce. Never mind that if the government hadn’t used force to keep the people from a voluntary exchange of goods they wanted the gangs and violence that came from Prohibition would never have happened, thus the justification for the restriction on arms would not have been valid.

At what point do we say we are no longer free citizens but serfs? When the government can declare what you can and can’t eat? If that is the case then we are already serfs. It is the difference in those who believe in unalienable rights, and rights granted by the state. It is us vs. them, people who don’t want to be taken care of, but want liberty, vs. ruling elite who offer a poor promise of security, in exchange for your property and liberty.

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