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Friday, May 6, 2011

Rational or Rationizing

by Tom Rhodes

Liberals are not rational animals, they are rationalizing animals.

Case in Point, Head-Start, there is zero evidence that this program has any lasting benefits. Every study done, there are several, clearly demonstrate that this program provides zero long term benifits to children although it does have considerable costs. Even when confronted with verifyable factual objective data that clearly demonstrates that this is a government program that could be eliminted with no long term detriment to those who currently take advantage of it, liberals still rationalize why we must continue this boondoggle.

There is emotional viseral hatred for anybody who would look at this program, or other government programs objectively. It goes agains what liberals "feel" should be the results. How they "feel" a program should work and what they want the results to be are far more important than the objective results.

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