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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tea Party Attacks Libertarians

Tea Party has been Hijacked. Yesterday the St. Pete Times reported that “members of the tea party and the 9/12 have begun a campaign to pressure Libertarian Alex Snitker to drop out of the U.S. Senate race, fearing he will strip votes from Republican Marco Rubio.”

Snitker with very little funding is a viable candidate that has the ruling elite and mainstream press running scared. Last week when included in the Bay News 9 poll on the senate race Snitker after polling significantly better than Meek, and looking like he was competitive with Rubio and Crist, had his name changed to “Other” on the poll. Even at that the Other position polled within 4% of both Rubio and Crist and was three times as high as Meek.

The Tea Party stared out as a non-partisan grouped based on the citizens being fed up with the ruling elite and too much government specifically too much taxes hence Taxed Eanough Already Party. The Tea Party has transformed from a libertarian gathering to promote less intrusive government and celebrate our freedoms to a neo-con group promoting War in Iran, criticizing immigrants and diversity, and persecuting those with different religious views.

Now the Tea Party is actively campaigning against the one person who actually articulates the values the Tea Party claims to believe. Marco Rubio is a consummate insider Florida politician. As former speaker for the Florida House, he’s pretty much the anointed GOP representative. His words and actions are not about less government but just about who is in charge of more government. Rubio concerning Obamacare is not for repealing it just tweaking it. He will not sign or talk about the 10th amendment pledge. How on earth could the principled non-partisan clearly libertarian ideology based group now actively campaign against the only candidate who espouses their values?

The only answer is that like the main stream press, the TEA Party has been hijacked by the ruling elite and will only support the GOP or Dem parties, and will work both openly and behind the scenes suppress and exclude candidates or issues that the ruling elite are not in control of. This action by the TEA Party has pretty much doomed it to be a flash in history that only lasted till the blue-bloods running the GOP and/or statists in the Democratic could get their hands on it. It looks like the behind the scenes players in the TEA Party have hijacked it and are trying to make it meaningless.

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