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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Questions the News has brought to Mind?

Random questions concerning liberty brought to mind by current events.

Why does Obamacare have a provision on gold purchases and sales, adding additional tax to people who choose to purchase this metal, but not steel, aluminum, etc? And what do additional taxes and the tracking of individuals who purchase gold have to do with Healthcare?

According to the FBI, the rate of murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults declined by 4.4 percent compared with the previous year. It has been widely reported that poverty increased significantly over the same time from. Since Liberals for years have been telling us that poverty causes crime, how can this be?

If polygamists were not allowed to redefine marriage to suit themselves, why should homosexuals be allowed to?

I know people who are blind or retarded but who have jobs. Please explain to me why I should have sympathy for able-bodied men begging on the streets.

Dan Quayle misspelled potato and the press forever more ridiculed him for being stupid. Candidate Obama claimed the US had more than 57 states and the press gave him a pass. Is this evidence that the liberal press is prejudice and because the president is black is not expected to demonstrate the same intellect as white politicians?

Should an individuals' economic well-being no longer determined by how much their goods and services are valued by those who pay for them, but by politicians in Washington?

Medicare is currently bankrupt, plagued with failure to pay problems, and more and more doctors are refusing to accept Medicare patients. The Heath Care Reform Act (Obamacare) will cut Medicare by half a trillion dollars over a decade, and cut the value of Medicare Advantage by an average of 27 percent by 2017. Where are they going to find doctors willing to work for less than they do now?

The State of Maryland created a special tax on rich people which they estimated would increase Maryland’s tax revenue by approximately $106 million. The results were that Maryland’s tax revenues did not go up but decreased by $257 million. Obama himself said that he knew raising taxes on the rich would not increase government revenues, but that it was about fairness not increasing revenue. Why when faced with historic evidence that raising the taxes on the rich total government revenue goes down, do liberals in government insist on saying that if they don’t raise taxes on the rich the government will lose billions of dollars?

Negotiating with a cannibal - The cannibal’s position is to consume all of you; your position is for the cannibal to consume none of you. When you refuse the cannibal’s compromise position of just letting him eat your left arm and negotiate for the rest later, he screams that you are unreasonable and won’t compromise. Why does compromising with a liberal feel like negotiating with a cannibal?

Government gets all its money by taking it from individuals. Taxes are not illegal but are collected under the threat of force. A tax cut does not mean that the government is giving money to whomever gets the tax cut, it means that the government is taking less from that person. If all people are equal with the same rights how is it just that some people are taxed at a different rate than others?

Since we can measure how much it basic consumption is necessary for each individual, and hyper-consumption is considered bad, rather than taxing production (income from products or labor sold) wouldn’t it make sense and be fair to tax everybody a percentage of what they consume over and above the basic necessities of life?

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