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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are Teaching Our Youth to Accept Totalitarianism

It starts out the very first class in Kindergarten, because there are not unlimited funds, the kids are given a list of things the class needs, and everybody is expected to bring: safety scissors, crayons, etc. Now because not all kids can afford those things a note is added that asks if you can that you also buy enough for another student. Generously that happens and usually there is extra. So far so good, the kids see charity and voluntary caring for those less fortunate. Then the Kindergarten teacher gets all socialist. Rather than let each student keep and use the property they brought in, and give the extras to those who couldn’t afford any, demonstrating that Americans can and will voluntarily help those less fortunate, all the supplies get combined into individual tubs, all the scissors in one tub, crayons in another, they all become everybody’s community property. This way the kid who’s parents bought the best Crayola crayons doesn’t have something better than the kid who’s parents could only afford the cheap generic ones. It’s not “fair” that some have nicer things than others and we are trying to teach that community property is better than private property. In fact private property rights of children are suppressed and treated as evil.

Next year in first grade when the parents get the list almost all of them purchases the cheapest stuff they can, because since it all becomes community property, there is no reason to provide the best you can, your kid will probably not benefit from your added expense, since there is no ownership, there is incentive to provide the best. Since nobody will see that there is charity to those who are less fortunate, few parents provide extra for the community, and often there is not enough to go around, so some of last year’s old worn out supplies are recycled, or pleas for more support are issued. It’s not “fair” that some get better, or have more, etc. so right from the start the first lesson our schools teach is community property, and it’s not fair that some have more than others. Although not said our actions in school teach socialism.

When our children go to middle and high school, the Bill of Rights is barely mentioned, but the actions of the school are that the “Authority” has the right to search you whenever they want; force you to testify against yourself, you have no right to defend yourself, you have no freedom of speech, you have no right to privacy, you have no right to a fair hearing or trial, and due process is what the authorities say it is. Arbitrary rules with no basis in fact can and are abusively enforced. If at lunch you use a plastic knife to spread peanut butter on your crackers; you’re expelled for having a knife on campus. Imagine a 15 yr old girl expelled for having a Mydol to relieve cramps from her monthly friend. Or an 8 year old boy suspended for drawing a soldier with a gun (his dad’s in the National Guard). How about throwing both the bully and the victim out of school for fighting, doesn’t matter who started it if you hit back and defend yourself your suspended or expelled, you have no right to either due process or self defense.

When two Norview High School teachers distributed classroom materials to a 12th grade government class, which gave advice on how to deal with police if stopped, they were placed on paid administrative leave because the materials where “unauthorized.” They’d shown a video from Flex Your Rights which explains how legal rights apply to police searches of vehicles, homes or individuals and how people can cite those rights during encounters with police. Clearly it’s unauthorized to teach students when and how they can tell authorities no. (Watch the Video)

The results are that our students know that the authorities can abuse them and that bucking authority has swift arbitrary punishment without due process, and although they may have “rights” the reality is they are subjects to authoritarian rule. Worse is the fact that they are ignorant of their rights and how our government works. In a national survey of high school students it was revealed that only:
  • 2% can identify the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • 35% know that "we the people" are the first three words of the U.S. Constitution
  • 1.8% know that James Madison is considered the father of the U.S. Constitution
  • 25% know that the Fifth Amendment protects against double jeopardy and self incrimination, among other legal rights.

    Think it gets better in college, visit http://www.thefire.org and review the legal cases they have fought. Look at all the cases they have exposed where due process is denied and the arbitrary dictates of University Leaders are the law, and students have no rights except not to be offended. They give most Florida Universities a red light on protecting individual rights. Just note that at the University of Florida examples of Prohibited Conduct Include, but Are Not Limited To:

  • Writing or displaying letters, notes, or e-mails which are derogatory toward any individual's race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or military status.
  • Making comments, slurs, or jokes which are derogatory toward any individual's race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or military status. ...
  • Making gestures or displaying pictures, cartoons, posters, or magazines which are derogatory toward any individual's race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or military status ....

    I guess if you’re a college student at UF, you have to watch South Park in secret. The First Amendment at this publicly funded university is not even a consideration. Again we teach that the authorities have the right to control what you say and do.

    Is it a wonder that since from the day kids start school until the graduate college the actions of our schools hammer into them the fact that those in power can control you, and we don’t teach by action or word what unalienable rights are, or the founding principles of our country and government, that there is no outcry when our President acts like a third world despot. Due process and the rule of law are not discussed and definitely not demonstrated by our schools to our children.

    Look at our public elementary and secondary schools, they look like prisons, bared doors, armed polices wandering the halls, and nearly constant surveillance. Our student’s time in school is marked by overreaching zero tolerance policies, heightened security and surveillance and a greater emphasis on conformity. The result is the acceptance of destruction of privacy and freedom. In fact I believe we are now in The War on Kids www.thewaronkids.com

    Maybe that’s been the goal all along, to change the education system to teach the people to accept totalitarianism. It is the results.

    How else do you explain the people of this country accepting the third world like despotism of Obama extorting 20 billion from BP without due process? When did Obama become Judge and Jury and get granted the power to adjudicate crime and pass sentences on private corporations? He’s not a judge. When did Obama get the power and authority to create laws that allows the federal government to take the assets of a private company and determine how best to distribute them to people the private company may have hurt without a trial? He’s no longer a Senator. What law granted Obama the power and authority to deny BP due process? When did the USA become a totalitarian state with the President having the powers to dictate the actions of private companies? When we took teaching civics and the bill of rights out of our schools and taught socialism and totalitarianism by example.

    Obama is acting like a King not a president. Our schools have taught our children to accept totalitarianism. Imagine if they were teaching what a few decades ago was common. We must change what and how our schools teach our children about civil rights and government. Graduating high school students don’t even know as much as kids who watched Saturday morning TV did in the 70’s. When was the last time you heard or saw a School House Rock video? I’ll close with the lyrics of the School House Rock song No More Kings (Watch Here)

    Rockin' and a-rollin', splishin' and a-splashin',
    Over the horizon, what can it be?

    The pilgrims sailed the sea
    To find a place to call their own.
    In their ship Mayflower,
    They hoped to find a better home.
    They finally knocked
    On Plymouth Rock
    And someone said, "We're there."
    It may not look like home
    But at this point I don't care.

    Oh, they were missing Mother England,
    They swore their loyalty until the very end.
    Anything you say, King,
    It's OK, King,
    You know it's kinda scary on your own.
    Gonna build a new land
    The way we planned.
    Could you help us run it till it's grown?

    They planted corn, you know
    They built their houses one by one,
    And bit by bit they worked
    Until the colonies were done.
    They looked around,
    Yeah, up and down,
    And someone said, "Hurray!"
    If the king could only see us now
    He would be proud of us today.

    They knew that now they'd run their own land,
    But George the Third still vowed
    He'd rule them till the end.
    Anything I say, do it my way now.
    Anything I say, do it my way.
    Don't you get to feeling independent
    'Cause I'm gonna force you to obey.

    He taxed their property,
    He didn't give them any choice,
    And back in England,
    He didn't give them any voice.
    (That's called taxation without representation,
    and it's not fair!)
    But when the Colonies complained
    The king said: "I don't care!"

    He even has the nerve
    To tax our cup of tea.
    To put it kindly, King,
    We really don't agree.

    Gonna show you how we feel.
    We're gonna dump this tea
    And turn this harbor into
    The biggest cup of tea in history!

    They wanted no more Mother England.
    They knew the time had come
    For them to take command.
    It's very clear you're being unfair, King,
    No matter what you say, we won't obey.
    Gonna hold a revolution now, King,
    And we're gonna run it all our way
    With no more kings...

    We're gonna elect a president! (No more kings)
    He's gonna do what the people want! (No more kings)
    We're gonna run things our way! (No more kings)
    Nobody's gonna tell us what to do!

    Rockin' and a-rollin', splishin' and a-splashin',
    Over the horizon, what can it be?
    Looks like it's going to be a free country.
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