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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jail for Email

Widely reported on the internet, but absent the Alphabet Media, we find that the first amendment is dead, no longer valid, and expressing your dissatisfaction with a duly elected federal government official can earn you an indictment.

Bruce Shore, watching the Senate in inaction on C-Span, was angered when Bunning complained that, gosh, he has missed the Kentucky-South Carolina basketball game because he had to be in Congress to debate an unemployment-benefits bill. His Feb. 26 email in part said "Are you'all insane[?] No checks equal no food for me. DO YOU GET IT?"

The results are that on May 13, U.S. marshals appeared at Shore's door and handed him a grand jury indictment. He was indicted because Shore "did utilize a telecommunications device, that is a computer, whether or not communication ensued, without disclosing his identity and with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, and harass any person who received the communication."

Use a telephone, email, blog, tweet, etc. to "annoy" the person who receives the communications and you can go to jail. That's right send an email or fax to your duly elected official and if it annoys that official you too can be indicted by a grand jury.

To quote the infamous commentator Earl Pitts, "WAKE UP AMARICA!"

The government can make an example of one or two to try and shut up the American people, but 10 or 20 million of us will make it impossible for the government to do anything. Regardless of your political affiliation, this is an affront to your right to free speech. If they can send you to jail for an angry email to your congressman, then we have no freedom. We need to overwhelm the government, I urge everybody to send an email to all their federally elected officials saying "Are you'all insane?, DO YOU GET IT? What you’re doing effects me."

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