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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Stuff of Legends

What do Odysseus, Nixon, and Obama have in common?

The American people have spoken clearly, via polls, ballots, rallies, direct meetings, emails, phone calls, and faxes. The signals to our legislators have been less than subtle. The American people want smaller government, the people DO NOT want Obamacare, and are not happy with what's going on in Washington.

The Democrat leaders not only know this they have asked for their lesser Democrat counterparts to fall on their swords and sacrifice their political careers to pass Obamacare. They recognize their own hubris.

Hubris being the excessive pride and ambition that usually leads to the downfall of a hero in classical tragedy. It would take Shakespeare to adequately tell of depth of hubris demonstrated by the current Democrat leadership.

The arrogance of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid has lead them to believe that they are smarter, and more capable of living the lives of the American citizen than the people are themselves. They believe that only they know what's best. Obama infamously stated during last summer’s town hall meetings, that the constitution was a problem to his plans. They think that they are smarter than our founding fathers and that they should not have to work within the restrictions that the people of this country have put on them. They do not believe that they govern at the consent of the people but that they are elite rulers destined to lead the masses.

The hubris of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid is bordering on legendary. Others with such legendary hubris, from Odysseus to Nixon have had the similar fates; they were “cursed” by their own words and deeds. They tell the people not to believe what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears, but to trust the words of their ruling Elite. The government has taken over a significant portion of health care, it’s called Medicare and Medicaid. History has shown that these government programs cost vastly more than projected, and are virtually bankrupt. We look at places where the “progressive” policies of Democrats have been put in place and see the results (Detroit is a prime example, once the fastest growing industrial profit center in the world and now a virtual ghost town compared to what it was).

Obamacare is about power and control, the American people recognize this. The hubris of current Democrat leadership will be their downfall.

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