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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Libertarian Party must Change to be a Success

At the beginning of this year I said I would temporarily change my voter registration to insure Rubio won the Republican nomination over Christ. READ HERE Christ is a RHINO, big government republican who must lose. Hopefully with his support of the socialist health care bill, the Democrat senatorial candidate Meek, has sealed his own doom.

The most principled candidate is political new comer Alex Snitker, is the Libertarian candidate. When Rubio's voting record and actions come to light, Snitker may well be a viable candidate.

If you have been following any part of the Tea Party Movement you will note that its foundations are libertarian, not conservative, and not leftist. The Tea Party movement has better articulated the philosophy and principles of the Libertarian Party, better than the LP either nationally or the state LP has. Quite literally the Tea Party has stolen the LP's thunder. (There is an exception which I’ll get to later)

Why? Because the LP has in the past acted more like a political social club, not a serious political party.

I’ve long been a registered Libertarian, but like most good libertarians, I voted for whoever had the most libertarian platform, and just wanted the government to leave me alone. Well it is obvious to me, and as the Tea Party movement has shown, millions of Americans, that we can no longer do nothing and must get involved, the government no longer supports individual liberty and is actively working to control our lives. Last year from a post card sent out I showed up at a LP organizational meeting here in Citrus County. I left the meeting as treasurer of the newly formed Libertarian Party of Citrus County, and started this blog. I’m now the Vice-Chair of LP Citrus, our Chairman, Greg Lennon is now not only the chair of our little county affiliate, but is now Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF). Once actually part of the LPF we discovered that the party has libertarian zealots but was not professionally run. Rather than a grass roots organization it was a top down group of people who neither listened to nor supported its affiliates. Note I said was not is, this is rapidly changing, and I believe that the LPF will become a major player in the future if the changes started come to fruition.

To be successful changes in the LP are necessary. The LPF is making strides to rectify this. They are slow in coming as some the "Old Guard" of the LPF doesn't like change or like being challenged. Too bad for the “Old Guard”, for the LPF to be successful it cannot do business as usual. That methodology has proven to be a failure. The same can be said for the National Libertarian Party. Changes have to be made for it to become successful.

To start with, it has to become more public and not just a niche party, with vocal zealots but no real chance of winning. The most vocal and popularly known Libertarian, is Bob Barr, with Ron Paul (Republican) also noted as a libertarian, and once ran on the Libertarian ticket, neither of whom are in leadership of the Libertarian Party. Can you even name the Chairman of the LP?

Nationally the next most known libertarian is Wayne Root, the 2008 Vice-Presidential running mate of Bob Bar. What the Libertarian Party needs is a Leader not an administrator, this leader must be publicly visible and needs to be the Chief Salesman & Spokesman for the Libertarian Party brand. I believe that Wayne Root with his face often seen on Fox News, as a syndicated Talk Show Host, and often fill in host for more famous talkers, would be an ideal leader to help change the LP and make it a real viable alternative to the our current leadership. Lucky for us he as announced his intention to run for the Chair fo the LP. Here is part of what he had to say in his March 15th, announcement;
Our party has a great message, yet we have not achieved the level of success that Liberty deserves. What we have lacked is a positive, dynamic, passionate, high-energy communicator. Just as Reagan brought that to the GOP; and Obama brought to the Democratic Party; and Sarah Palin has now brought to the Tea Party movement.

The success and media coverage of the Tea Party movement is fantastic. I applaud what they have accomplished. But they've stolen our thunder. We were there long before the Tea Parties pointing to the size and corruption of government; out of control spending; unsustainable deficits; bloated government employee compensation and pensions; the cost of wars; and taxation without representation. We knew it...we called it...yet we're being left behind.

We must take advantage of this taxpayer revolt... and the coming citizen revolution. I believe the future is bright for the LP, but we must act now, or get left behind.

We need an LNC Chairman who can represent the Libertarian Party with vigor in the national media...give speeches across this great country to audiences looking for freedom...sell the Libertarian Party to American voters...raise money from not only Libertarian Party members, but from libertarian-leaning voters...convert mainstream voters like Republicans, conservatives, independents, Tea Party activists, and blue dog Democrats to the Libertarian Party (as voters AND contributors)...and appear on national TV to debate as EQUALS with the RNC and DNC Chairmen.

I want to be that person, there to serve you and the freedom movement!

~ Wayne Root

Wayne Root for National Libertarian Chair!

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