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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Citizens United is a Red Herring

By Tom Rhodes 12/20/2016

This Election proved one thing. Citizens United is a Red Herring. Corporate money in politics has little or no effect. Big Oil backed Clinton, not Trump. The Stock Market backed Clinton, not Trump.

Hillary spent double what Trump did on the election. That means with ½ the money Trump got 1/3 more electoral votes. Money doesn’t matter, spending big money on TV is a waste of money. Things have changed. A virtually free tweet is worth more than a 30 second spot on ABC, NBC, and CBS during prime time combined. People can and do fast forward and skip the commercials. Things have changed and limits on spending money on “electioneering” are clearly wasted and restrictive for no benefit.

YouTube Twitter, Facebook, blogs, GAB, etc. are all more effective today than, old-line network audiences. A good tweet is more effective than $Millions on TV. TV audiences are far smaller technology allows people to skip TV ads altogether. The Democrats' obsession with the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which allowed corporate political communications, is utterly beside the point. The fact is major corporations don't take partisan sides. If they do public relations departments always pick the PC choice.

The people are so tired of being told what they can and can’t say, not being politically correct and saying what you feel can and will win votes over carefully crafted politically correct pablum. Hillary wasted a lot of dollars pointing out that Trump is a man, and in private talks like other men. Yawn, nobody cared.

Big money on polling with polls carefully crafted to shape a message also proved to be another waste of money. The polls were wrong and most of the country won’t even participate in what they know are polls rigged by big money.

The Democrats continued whining about big money in politics is just a Red Herring designed to keep people distracted form their desire to control everybody from cradle to grave and not have any opposing ideas heard or shared. That’s why they want to control the news, and label as “fake” anything they don’t think you should know or hear about. They are up in arms about Russia, but have yet to prove anything they exposed is false. Why exactly wont’ the FBI tell congress the details of how they came to change their mind and support the CIA’s claim that Russia hacked the US elections. The same CIA who claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, thought waterboarding was OK, etc.

From the US Presidential Election to the Hugo Awards, the events of 2016 proved that Freedom of Speech and the Press are more powerful than big money. Government restrictions only and always support what big money wants. So why does big money want to restrict small money speech? This election proved Big Money no longer works and was proof that liberty and protecting the rights of all people to equally, provides the best way for more people to be heard and ideas to be shared.

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