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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why are the Govt and MSM lying to us?

WHY - Are both the MSM and Govt trying to cover up 6/12 as an Islamic Terrorist Act?

Some facts are clear, enough facts are know so we can say that the Orlando 6/12 massacre meets all the criteria to be identified as an Act of Islamic Terrorism.

The mass murderer was a non-state actor (he was not acting on behalf of any government), he explicitly identified the United States government’s intrusions into the Islamic world as his reason for murdering en masse. He disclosed his motive: He wanted to affect changes in government policy. The mass murderer indiscriminately slaughtered non-combatant civilians in the private sector as the means by which he sought to retaliate against and to change American policy. This clearly meets all the requirements to identify 6/12 as terrorism.

The following are also known facts: The terrorist followed jihadi protocol and informed the police that he pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) and the terrorist shouted praises to Allah as he shed the blood of civilians. This clearly meets all the requirements to identify the act of terrorism on 6/12 as an Islamic Terrorist act.

The readily available facts are clearly know. Why is our government trying to make 6/12 about guns, homophobia, or America's fault? Why is the MSM supporting the government in making 6/12 something other than the largest Islamist Terrorist Attack on US soil since 9/11???

When the government publicly states it will edit the 911 tapes so that it doesn't point to Islamic Terrorism, says they don't know the motives, despite the clear declaration of motives by the terrorist, we have a problem. The MSM should have been screaming to get the truth, but it was pressure from everyday citizens and the new media of the Internet that forced the government to release the 911 tapes which clearly showed that 6/12 was an Islamic Terrorist Attack.

Guns, homophobia, etc. are all red herrings. 6/12 was Islamic Terrorism. Refusing to call it that, doesn't make it anything else. Refusing to recognize that a sizeable portion of the Islamic world has publicly declared war on the West, and specifically the USA, doesn't mean we are any less at war. It takes 2 sides o fight, but it only takes one side to declare and wage war. Choose not to fight or defend yourself, and you will lose the war.

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