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Monday, May 11, 2015

Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die
By Tom Rhodes, 5/11/2015

Two Muslim scum in Garland Texas are dead because they chose not to live free. The in fact chose to attack those who will live free. Because of that they died. Good riddance. In the aftermath of Garland Texas the left has overplayed their hand. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are anti-freedom and pro-tyranny. This is the USA and we the people have made it clear, we will defend freedom of speech, and out other freedoms. As the dead Muslims.

The people of this country are not going to tolerate a bunch of ugly chicks who hate men and effete literary fops dictate what we can and can’t say in the USA. These goose stepping thugs are saying that somehow Americans exercising their first amendment rights are responsible for the attempted attack at garland. Sorry to all you whiny liberal totalitarian creeps, but here in the Good Ol’ USA, there are still huge numbers of us who would rather die than “live” on our knees, begging permission to exercise the right God gave us to say whatever we damn well please, whenever we damn well please, and in the manner we damn well please.

If you want to try and silence us or stop our speech you better be prepared to become full-fledged jack booted Nazi’s, willing to murder innocents to silence us. The goal of the left and the entire Politically Correct crowd is to determine who can say what. If they are serious, they better be wearing Kevlar, because they will have to fight. The Social Justice Whiners can shriek about “microagression” and try and dictate what is or isn’t suitable speech. But they’ve overplayed their hand, those fascist totalitarian apologists are trying to blame those who would live free, for the evil that those Muslim Bastards attempted were trying to give a warning to freedom loving Americans. What resulted was a clear demonstration of what the “Live Free or Die” attitude in an American with training and a Glock can do against the forces of totalitarianism.

Those miserable evil Muslim savages tried to silence those at the “Draw Mohamed” contest in Texas, and by doing that were trying to intimidate all liberty loving Americans. They Failed. America spoke loud and clear to leftists and totalitarians everywhere, we aren’t giving up our right of free speech, our right to keep and bear arms, or any other right you leftist totalitarian weasels deem inconvenient.

I’ve had our fill and will no longer be nice to progressive totalitarian bastards who claim they don’t support violence. They give free passes to looters, ignore Muslim monsters beheading Christians across the Mideast, never say a word about the oppression of women in Muslim countries. Gay Rights, make me laugh, they ignore the gays being murdered in the Middle East. The goal is control, not actually supporting rights, definitely not the plight of gays in the Middle East, because the violence of the Ignorant Islamists is more useful to their goals than protecting the oppressed. Their indignation and scorn is selective at those who would be free. Congressional Democrats vote to repeal the First amendment, gibbering about “hate speech.” What these elitist pigs want and continuously strive to achieve is more power for the government so that they can send armed men to stop us from saying what they’ve concluded we cannot say. When caught suppressing our natural rights and exposed to the light of truth, they try to suppress that light or run and hide.

To all you progressive totalitarian leftists, you have a big problem, we are not giving up our rights. Those dead Muslim monsters in Garland are the sign. Those dead bodies symbolize the resolve that We the People will not allow you to steal our God given rights: Not by some violent third world thugs; not by some feminist SJW hag whose mad at the world that no man wants her, and certainly not by some PC elitist snob who thinks he knows better how others should live our lives. I pity and despise all those gutless cowards of the left who would submit to dhimmitude. Including such hacks as Bill O’Reilly and all those other cowards in the press are more concerned with personal safety than liberty.

God did not put us in this world to live in fear an be the minions of some totalitarian oligarchy. If you want to keep us silent, you better have a lot of body bags. You want America to be some socialist fascist utopia you might want to check on your history. From last year’s Brundy ranch standoff, to Lexington and Concord, there is proof that to take the rights of We the People, you will have to be violent. We’ve chosen to Live Free or Die, think about that.

The leftists here in the USA think they can bully and browbeat us into capitulation. Their SJW re-education camps and forced “training” to change the culture to accept totalitarianism isn’t going to work. You didn’t think you’d need men with guns to force the change you hope to garner. Not going to happen, unless you’re willing to use extreme force, you’re totalitarian ideas are going nowhere.

Oh we were asleep for a while, let you rant and rave about racism, sexism, microagression, feminism, Islamophobia, and other PC bullshit. You’ve now made it clear that nothing less than complete thought and speech control of the people is your goal.

America is done with you totalitarian bastards who want to shut us up. You better be ready to fight, and I don’t recommend you bring a knife to a gun fight. Submission is not an option massive numbers of Americans will take, We will Live Free or Die. If you want to control our speech, you better be willing to fight to the death to do so, because to keep our rights we are willing to fight to the death. We will Live Free or Die

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