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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reality is Meaningless

Reality is Meaningless
By Tom Rhodes, 4/16/2015

The sad fact is all the objective truth, scientific data, observable facts are meaningless. Reality has no meaning. Only how people feel and how they can use those feelings to gather power to a few ruling elite have any meaning in American Politics. What’s going to happen when everybody starts playing by the rules of reality used by the left?

Take the fact quoted by leftists and feminists that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in college. Just because Eric Holder’s Justice department released a study of nearly the past decade of crime statistics, finding that 0.61 percent of college students are victims of sexual assault. Do some simple math and reality is that 3 in 500 not 1 in 5 is the truth. But as the NYTimes noted, even though the frat boys didn’t actually rape the girl, here mere accusation is proof of a rape culture. The reality doesn’t matter.

How about another the fact quoted by leftists and feminists, that women earn 23% less than men for the same work. Obama’s Department of Labor in 2009, concluded that “The differences in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers.” Obama’s Department of Labor in 2009 also carefully based on reality and objective truth recommended that “the raw wage gap should not be used as the basis to justify corrective action.” The truth, in fact reality, is meaningless; women must be given preferential treatment based on the perceived bias, the reality is meaningless.

Age is meaningless, with Viagra, plastic surgery, etc. you can look and pretend you’re in your 20’s long past your prime. Reality is meaningless.

Reality and climate change don’t matter. In the past century average temperatures climbed until the 1930’s, dropped until the late 70’s, climbed again until the late 90’s, and have been stead for about the two decades. All that time CO2 and other greenhouse gasses have steadily increased. The real measurable truth is that regardless of the CO2 produced by man the climate has changed. None of the computer models saying man has caused climate changed have been correct. But the measurable, observable, truth is meaningless. Man is causing climate change reality is meaningless.

Tax season so the news if full of tax data. The WSJ had an article titled, "Top 20 Percent of Earners Pay 84 Percent of Income Tax." The author, Laura Saunders provides a different perspective than we are used to hearing regarding who pays what income taxes, noting, "The three million people in the top 1 percent of earners pay nearly half the income tax." The reality is our system is far more progressive than leftists would have you believe. The reality that the rich pay more than their fair share is meaningless, just ask President Obama.

Let’s talk about sex. The testable , observable, fact, reality, is that people are born either male or female, you either have to X’s or and XY. That however is meaningless, how you feel about your sex takes precedence over reality. Reality is meaningless. In fact if a man “feels” like a woman he’s entitled to use the woman’s showers, restrooms, etc. Even have his driver’s license labeled as female. Reality is meaningless.

OK – if we are a nation of laws, and treat everybody equally than how anybody feels is more important than reality. What if non-leftists decided to play by these rules instead of reality?

I’m a married middle aged white male, so vanilla it’s scary. What if I choose to play by the new rules and throw reality out the window. Since testable, observable truth is meaningless, I may as well take advantage of the new rules. I truly “feel” like I’m a poor black woman with 5 kids, in as much as that’s how I feel, and reality is meaningless, I’m eligible and should be allowed to supplement my income with welfare, and get preferential hiring for a government job. If our leaders and government can and do routinely ignore reality when it suits them, why can’t I. I “feel” as though I have 25 dependents, why can’t I claim them on my taxes, reality doesn’t matter, how I “feel” does.

Why can’t I take advantage of loans, programs, and benefits that minorities and women get, if feel like a minority woman? The left made the rules that say reality doesn’t matter, I “feel” like an oppressed minority woman, that’s what matters. From now on, any government paperwork that asks and/or requires I enter my sex and race, I’m picking female and black; and why not those are the same rules the government uses when telling me about people paying their fair share of taxes, or who can use what bathrooms, or crime statistics, or science. What the government wants, or “feels,” the answer should be is what they tell me, reality is meaningless.

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