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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scientists and Trust

By Tom Rhodes, 3/10/2015

I’m a scientist, I get geeky electronic magazines like, Laboratory Equipment. Today in that magazine is an article titled, Science is Not Just About Facts, which discusses the Pew Study noting scientists and the public don’t agree. Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief says “That last number astonishes me more than anything else—the fact that the general public is essentially showing a lack of confidence that scientists know how to do their jobs. This signals that bridging the gap between the public and scientists is not about scientific facts or knowledge, it’s about the public’s belief system.” This is propaganda from “scientists” trying to get people to trust them and what they say is fact. It is exactly why the FCC want’s control of the Internet. The Public has the ability to actually verify and confirm what government controlled “scientists” say is fact vs actual observable fact.

Scientists are experts at lying with bad science. They quickly resort to saying that anyone who doesn't believe their fabricated data must also believe the Earth is flat. The government funds and controls most “science” and research in the world, and expect you to believe that if the research was funded by a company it’s suspect, but if funded by government it’s good. They expect you to trust the government doesn’t or wouldn’t lie to the people about science. Except the government has been caught lying over and over again, especially about science. From lying about using people as human guinea pigs, to global warming, to our food. They continually get caught lying, falsifying data, changing the figures, etc.

Citrus County Florida now has blueberry patches not citrus groves because it’s too cold to grow citrus in Citrus County FL. All the citrus groves there froze out, and it’s still too far north to effectively grow citrus trees, but we are supposed to believe global warming is a problem based on science. 48% (roughly ½) of all meteorologists don’t believe man is causing global warming, but we are supposed to ignore our observations and believe an overwhelming consensus of “scientists” that say we a global warming problem.

The problem is the internet. It has things like the Wayback Machine, which allows people to go look up stuff that used to be on the internet, and the zillion of links to original unedited source material. Consider something as simple as temperature. Several scientists have noted, and NASA has been forced to admit, that the historic temperature data has been modified to make it match computer models rather than admit the models are wrong. Specifically right after 2000, NASA and NOAA changed the historic temperature records to make the past colder and the present warmer. This GIF image shows the data before and after government scientists changed it to fit the desired result not reality.

The government can and does lie to you. Those same scientists employed by the government that are trying to tell you burning carbon fuels is causing runaway global warming are the same guys telling you that mercury in vaccines is safe to inject into our children; toxins in GMOs are safe to eat. These “scientists” have the same employer, the government. It's the same government that lied about running inhumane medical experiments on prisoners via the National Institutes of Health, then got caught and had to apologize decades later.

This is the same government that claims preppers are conspiracy theorists, while building semi-secret networks of underground bunkers and caves, while purchasing hundreds of millions of hollow point ammunition (that cannot be used in wars). The problem is getting caught, with the internet the government is getting caught sooner not decades later.

There is a charade about why the government, through the FCC, is trying to gain strict controls on the internet. Political speech and trying to keep evil big corporations from buying elections is just a red herring. The government wants to limit the information available to the common man. The internet has destroyed the ability to control the public narrative, and they want that control back. Controlling three networks and a few newspaper conglomerates was easy. Today, Snowden, you, me, and the tinfoil-hat chemtrail geek down the street, at little or no cost can report on whatever interests them. Almost everyone has a video camera in their pocket and can capture and report on government misdeeds. Just YouTube police abuse for a gazillion and 23 examples. There is not “gatekeeper” on the news. The government hates the fact that you can quickly and easily go back and find out where they are lying to you, and report on their misdeeds without any “gatekeeper” to what is and isn’t news. They miss the days when they had control so the press didn’t report President Kennedy indiscretions. Today because of Drudge and the internet, we all know about the blue dress, and the name “Monica” is a punchline for a sleazy president jokes.

The same government trying to force vaccines on everybody is the same government that purposefully injected thousands of innocent people with STD’s to do experiments and the same government that injected others with plutonium. Our government is not to be trusted. One man’s name now clearly demonstrates the depths our government will go to lie and control the masses: Snowden. Obama promised to stop spying on Americans. The truth came out and the internet combined with our constitutional rights is proving to make it very difficult for the government. Political speech is the red herring the government is using to get “net neutrality” the fact is they want control of the information you are allowed to receive and from whom. They want a gatekeeper to the internet.

So called “scientists”, and “net neutrality” are just the excuse. If the government pays for it don’t trust it. The government has routinely, over and over, proven to get things wrong, like eggs being bad for you, and margarine being more healthy than butter, but worse than often just being wrong, the government has proven repeatedly to lie to gain more power and control. If the scientific conclusion on any subject is we need more government control, regulation, limits to something, the science should be doubted. Would you trust the results of a pharmaceutical company funded tests saying drug X was safe if there was no independent tests to confirm it? Why trust government funded results that say you need to give the government more power and control without independent confirmation, especially when they get caught censoring scientists who don’t promote the government line?

Scientists have been caught routinely lying, and now lament the fact the public doesn’t agree with them. They are now campaigning to change the public’s “belief system”, not based on facts, but on “we’re the scientists, you should trust us.” The government hates the fact that today, unlike the past, we can verify. Regan’s famous “Trust by Verify” quote has new meaning, when repeatedly the government has proven that what they say cannot be verified to be true. But then you did get to keep your doctor and insurance didn’t you?

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