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Monday, May 5, 2014

Politically Correct Science

By Tom Rhodes, 5/5/2014

“ Politically Incorrect Science
Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.”

In 2008 Ben Stein produced and stared in the move “Expelled: No Intelligence allowed.” The film presents strong evidence that the mainstream science establishment suppresses academics who believe they see evidence of intelligent design in nature and who criticize evidence supporting Darwinian evolution. Now that science is producing politically incorrect results, we are now going to see the same science establishment suppress evidence of Darwinian evolution.

A Troublesome Inheritance, By Nicholas Wade, presents logic, genetic and other scientific arguments that destroy the orthodoxy of today’s science establishment. Science-loving equalitarians will have to choose between science and their faith. The heart of Wade’s book, stated quietly but with command of the technical literature, is a bombshell. It is now known with a high level of scientific confidence that both tenets of the orthodoxy are wrong. What Orthodoxy you ask?

The orthodoxy that all homo sapiens are so genetically identical and there are no viable classifications between people than can be attributed to race. In "The Apportionment of Human Diversity" (1972), geneticist Richard Lewontin, declares that the races are so close to genetically identical that "racial classification is now seen to be of virtually no genetic or taxonomic significance." In a similar 1984 essay, paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, says that human evolution in everything but cosmetic differences stopped before humans left Africa, saying "human equality is a contingent fact of history."

Apply the scientific method to Lewontin’s premise, and it too is obviously flawed. If in fact there is no genetic or taxonomic significance to race, then genetic variations among humans would not naturally sort people into races and ethnicities. What A Troublesome Inheritance reports is exactly that, computer analysis of random sampling of bits of DNA that are known to vary among humans, and group similarities, corresponds to the self-identified race or ethnicity of the subjects. Not just the five major races: Asians, Caucasians, sub-Saharan Africans, Native Americans and aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. If the group all have European ancestry, the groupings will correspond to Italians, Germans, French and the various other European ethnicities. Lewontin premise is a object failure. Genetically humans can easily be classified genetically, by the racial and ethnic groups that humans have identified.

Apply the scientific method to Gould's assurance that significant evolution had stopped before humans left Africa and that premise fails spectacularly. The idea defies the theory of evolution. No scientifically thinking person would conclude that after man left Africa, the environment including lethally cold temperatures, produced no evolutionary adaptations. A 2009 appraisal of the available genome-wide scans estimated that 14% of the genome has been under the pressure of natural selection during the past 30,000 years, long after humans left Africa. The genes under selection include a wide variety of biological traits affecting everything from bone structure and diet to aspects of the brain and nervous system involving cognition and sensory perception. Studies further indicate Caucasians, Asians and sub-Saharan Africans have found that of the hundreds of genetic regions under selection, about 75% to 80% are under selection in only one race. The genes in these regions affect more than just cosmetic variations in appearance, some include changes in brain function. Wade writes, "What these genes do within the brain is largely unknown, But the findings establish the obvious truth that brain genes do not lie in some special category exempt from natural selection. They are as much under evolutionary pressure as any other category of gene."

Oops! – since we actually mapped out the Human Genome, in 2003, what is actually known by geneticists continues to deviate from this orthodoxy. The MSM and social scientists steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the politically incorrect results of new research. The non-PC conclusion is that the reigning intellectual orthodoxy on race is the "social construct." Scientifically the orthodoxy on race should die, however socially the orthodoxy will be perpetuated, regardless of science and truth.

Prove it to yourself, two people are entering two sporting events. All you know is their names, but you have to bet $1000 of your own money on each event. The events are weight lifting and a Marathon run. The athletes names are Sven and Abebe. Who do you put your money on for which event? Are you going to ignore genetics implied by their names? Or do you believe race is only a “social construct,” and the the observable fact that the world’s strongest men consistently come from the same geographic part of the world, and have the same genetic heritage is meaningless. Do you ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of world class marathon runners don’t come from that same area and have distinctively different genetics? Do you honestly believe that the observable truth concerning strength and endurance don’t apply to other physiologic abilities like cognitive reasoning? Are you so brainwashed that the observable truth should be ignored, and the science discouraged if it doesn’t produce the results you believe “should” be true?

Those who cling to liberal race orthodoxy are the geocentrists of today. The dogma that says "deep inside we're all the same," "it's not genetics, it’s the culture," and "human equality is a contingent fact of history," are fiction. Those ideas obscure the scientific truth. Science and the truth will eventually make it impossible to scream “racist” when somebody merely notes that when you exclude black murders from us crime statistics, the USA’s murder rate is virtually identical to Northern Europe’s, and comparing the murder rate of blacks in America more closely resembles the murder rate of sub-Saharan Africa, and there may be a genetic rationale for this observation.

Science is not politically correct, nor is the truth. So what’s it going to be, are you going to believe in science Darwinian Evolution, in which case you must accept based on the scientific evidence that the races are not the same, or are you going to suppress science, and faithfully stick with social construct that liberal orthodoxy on race perpetuates?

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