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Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Shut Up!

By Tom Rhodes, 6/21/2013

In Salinas vs. Texas, the SCOTUS has just ruled that the government can use a person's silence against them if it comes before he's told of his right to remain silent. Justice Samuel Alito said. "It has long been settled that the privilege 'generally is not self-executing' and that a witness who desires its protection 'must claim it.'" Read More Here What this means is that under no circumstances should you ever talk to the police, even as a witness to a crime - PERIOD!

The SCOTUS has ruled cops can lie to you to get you to talk. What is plainly obvious is that our government cannot be trusted, therefore there can only be one response to any question by any law enforcement officer of any type. "I'm sorry officer, but in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that says what I say as a witness, even my silence as a witness, may be used against me unless I specifically invoke my 5th amendment rights, I must now inform you that I'm invoking my 5th amendment right and will not answer any questions. I know this makes your job harder, but for my own protection I must invoke my 5th amendment right and cannot answer any of your questions. Even as a witness to a crime, by merely talking to you puts me in jeopardy. So without written documentation by a judge who has jurisdiction saying that nothing I say can or will be used against me and a lawyer present for my protection, I cannot answer any of your questions. Am I free to leave?"

Talk to any law enforcement officer and you'll soon detect the "Us Vs. Them" mentality, they assume everybody is a criminal and have to prove they are not. Law enforcement is not your friend anymore. They can and will lie, cheat, and coerce to prove a person is guilty of something. Since it is virtually impossible for you, or any business to actually follow all the laws we now have, it is vitally important that you protect yourself from the government. This video explains exactly why you should never under any circumstances talk to any government official. Watch the whole thing and play close attention to how the cop explains how he can and will trip you up.

FYI - In the state of Florida you are legally required to give your name and address if a law enforcement officer asks but are not required answer any other questions. You do not have to present ID except: when driving you must provide your driver's license if requested; when hunting or fishing you must present your hunting or fishing license if requested; when carrying a concealed weapon must have in your possession your CCW permit.

The reality is even if you've done nothing wrong and are completely honest talking to law enforcement could lead to your arrest and imprisonment. Under no circumstances is it ever in your best interest to answer any law enforcement officer's questions for any reason, so don't.

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  1. Correction: In Florida you are not required to give your name unless being detained for a crime. You are free to refuse casual conversation with LEO's and walk away. Ask, "Am I being detaiend, Am I free to go." until you get a direct answer. Remember LEO's have the legal right to lie and deceive you. If a LEO can not articulate probable cause for a specific crime you are not legally obligated to answer any questions including identifying yourself.