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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equality vs. Reality

By Tom Rhodes 3/27/2013

Until political correctness overtook the USA, "equality" in the legal sense generally meant that everybody was treated equally under the law, not that everybody had an equal outcome in life. The fact is nowhere in history has the utopian idea that all people are equal ever been observed. The very idea that everyone is "equal," or should be equal is absurd. The utopian thinking that tries to dictate equality of outcome for everybody has and will continue to push towards despotic rule and diminish liberty.

Are men and woman equal? Of course they aren't so they won't have equal outcomes in a variety of ways. All people are individuals and different but there are measurably more genius men than women (7 times to be exact). You can also prove that there men are far more likely than women to be idiots. On average you could argue that women are marginally smarter than men, but on the extremes it is clear that there are more overly smart men than women, and there are more overly dumb men than women. Because men exhibit more outliers at the extremes of the intellect spectrum. This means a disproportionate number of men will win Nobel science prizes than women, not because there is a bias in the Nobel prize system.

How about speed, is it fair that 95% of the top sprinting records are awarded to people who trace their ancestry to West Africa. If you are a betting person you could make a lot of money betting on the origins of professional US Hockey Players, the majority are born in either Minnesota or Massachusetts. Utopian thinkers conclude that if there is a disparity of outcome there must have been some oppression or "privilege" that created the un-equal outcomes. This is a lie, and they know it. If it weren't a lie then they would be denouncing the NBA and NFL for being biased against Asians and Hispanics. Blacks make up 13% of the US population yet comprise 90% of professional basketball teams and 80% of professional football teams and are the highest paid players in both sports, there are more Hispanics in the country than blacks, only an idiot would think that this is evidence that there is bias against Hispanics in professional basketball and football.

There are many disproportionate distributions of outcomes. How are utopian thinkers going to correct the unequal outcome between men and women when it comes to lightning strikes? Men are struck by lightning 6 times more often than women, something must be done to make things equal.

The only way to justify utopian equality of outcome thinking is to reject rational thought, observation, history and the scientific method. Expecting equal outcomes by race, sex, national origin, religion, or any other observable difference in humans is sloppy un-reasoned thinking. There is absolutely zero evidence from anytime, or anyplace, that proportional outcomes have existed as a norm under any circumstance on the earth. The idea that disproportionate outcomes of any kind is proof of inequality before the law is a purely emotional desire for equality that has never and will never exist. The best we can do and the only thing we should strive for is that every individual is given equal treatment before the law. The differences in people based on race, creed, sex, etc. will result in different outcomes, that is not evidence bias. It is only evidence that although everybody is a person, not all people are the same and that certain groups of people have consistent and similar variations in their gene pool.

If you believe or argue that there are more white male CEO's and they make more money than black male CEO's is proof of racism, but fail to make the same racist argument about there being more and higher paid black than white football players you are being intellectually and factually dishonest. The academic and lawyer arguments that different outcomes is proof of bias is not justified in fact and causes significant unequal treatment of people based on race, sex, country of origin, etc. The idea and goal should be equal treatment under the law, not equal outcomes. The only way to get equal outcomes based on race, sex, or whatever, is to eliminate individual liberty and allow a tyrannical government to dictate the outcome of everything. Reality is that all people are not equal, some are smarter, some are faster, some are stronger, some have more drive, some are prettier, punishing those who are superior in some part of their being to others is not equality it's tyranny and flies in the face of reality.

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