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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unintended Consequences of ObamaCare

By Tom Rhodes, 12/2/2012

The Huffington Post reports that Wallmart changing it's Health Care Policy and shifting the burden to Medicaid.. Who'd a Thunk.

Because of the increase in costs associated with Obamacare, companies are taking legal means to reduce their costs. Nothing illegal about WallyWorlds actions. But since they can no longer offer insurance with limits on total pay outs and limited coverage which costs less than the full blown government approved insurance they are being forced to offer, they are adjusting their work practices, increasing the number of workers and giving each less work so that they avoid bigger government induced costs.

How is having low wage earners getting less hours, and having now insurance, better than having more hours and limited insurance? The unintended consequences will be fewer full time employees across a wide variety of businesses. So unemployment will go down as part time jobs explode.

Again another example of more government regulations makes the problem they were trying to fix worse not better. The actual result of Obamacare is less wages and no insurance for more people, not exactly what was promised.

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