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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Demographics tell the story

By Tom Rhodes, 11/8/2012

It’s over; the USA as it was constituted is dead. The demographics are such that they prove the old adage about democracies; once the People learn they can vote largess from the treasury it’s over. Meaningful discussion on the free market and personal accountability are going to be fruitless. Those moochers living off the government are not interested, especially in facts.

This is a near insoluble problem. Communications must be two ways; moochers and liberals have zero interest in that type of communicating for the most part. They have adopted a predominantly female propensity for resorting to name calling, ad hominem attacks, or silence because they have no interest in any conversation or communications in which their assertions are questioned. They have no interest in changing their lives, and treat interlocutors the way a mommy treats a petulant child. Children must know that mommy’s word is divine law, and not to be challenged, and mommy has no obligation to explain herself.

It is more than a little amusing to see the credulous expression on a moocher/liberal’s face when the factual truth of their statements is challenged. Just challenge a liberal or moocher and watch the name calling begin. Communications about the fact that government spending and borrowing are unsustainable, and the fact that increased taxes will not result in more government revenue but instead a decrease in productivity, because punishing the greatest producers for producing more has, and always will, result in them working less not more. If extraordinary effort cannot return extraordinary results, nobody will put in the extra effort.

We saw blue tarps over roofs for well over a year after Ivan, Roofs were repaired fast after Andrew; why? After Andrew, massive numbers of people rushed to South Florida to help, bringing tools and materials, sleeping in tents and working 20 hours a day. People put in a Herculean effort because the rewards were great. You don’t see massive numbers of people trying to get to Staten Island to help, why? Because the law now says that you cannot charge more after a storm than before. The anti-gouging laws, mean that extraordinary effort cannot be rewarded with extraordinary rewards, so you don’t see extraordinary effort. Free Markets can and would better allocate resources after a disaster than the government.

History shows repeated failure of democratic or totalitarian wealth redistribution. But today our demographics are more about feelings than facts. Because the thought of people suffering because they, or worse yet their parents, made bad choices is not palatable to the feminized moocher liberal, any and all historic evidence can and is ignored. This can be seen in the voting patterns this year, look at the voting pattern those who thought health care was more important than the deficit. The reality is that with an increased deficit, we won’t be able to afford health care. This simple fact, is meaningless to the typical feminized moocher liberal, who feel that they have a right to force others to work for their health care.

Based on Tuesday’s results, we’re screwed. I know a business owner who is closing his business, not because it’s not making money, but because it will be making a lot less, the owner has enough to live out his days without working and can literally pay zero income taxes (is money is in tax free bonds, gold, and off shore accts). This 50-ish millionaire will be legible for food stamps, etc. within the next few months, and his employees are all going to be job hunting. This is reality of Atlas Shrugged in today’s USA. A producer with no debt is deciding to stop participating because the government tax and regulatory burden on his small business means he will be working just to provide jobs for others with minimal or no reward for his efforts, risk, and investment. He has enough to provide a very high standard of living for himself and his wife and kid for the rest of their lives just about anywhere in the world, even if his money doesn’t earn him a dime.

The feminized liberal moochers will say he’s being selfish, they are going to try to find a way to take/tax his wealth which he already paid vast amounts of taxes. The idea of private property, which includes money, and people having the right to private property, and the protection of private property, is the basis for and reason why the USA became the wealthiest most generous nation the world ever saw. The rejection of this idea, and the mommy inspired idea of everybody getting and equal share of everything regardless effort is the downfall of our country. The idea that competition is bad, and that all kids should get a trophy, not just the winners, or the idea that nobody should feel bad because they didn’t do as good; the idea that has resulted in no more valedictorians in most of our high schools; is the idea and change in our demographics that has killed this once great nation.

Our labor force, from factories to the corner office, were made of high school graduates who valued individual effort, today the country has changed, graduation and SAT scores are at all time lows, and those who do graduate don’t have the basic skills necessary to compete in today’s modern workplace. How are we going to replace the retiring baby boomers who were generally self sufficient products of intact traditional families and a work ethic based on a religious duty to do your best, with today’s liberate, irreverent, ambitionless, entitled barbarian.

The demographics of this election make it clear; we are no longer a self-governing, self-reliant people. Those of us who are no longer have sufficient numbers to effect change and control of our government. So we will see the end of our great nation. Atlas will shrug, and is shrugging. All those of us who know based on historic and scientific fact that the path to prosperity and happiness for the most people in a society is liberty and limited government; no longer have the numbers to make a difference, and rational discussion about the subject will not be tolerated by the majority. The Patriot act, drone killing of US citizens, restrictions on jury trials, etc. all show that we’ve already lost the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10th amendments. Watch for the speech codes of our universities to become the law of the land. Watch for government control of the internet. Watch for increased limits on individual rights to keep and bear arms.

The Russian analysis, by Igor Nikolaevich Panarin, that predicted the breakup of the US was only wrong in its timing, not in the outcome.

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