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Monday, October 29, 2012

Facts of the Obama Presidency and Your Choices

By Tom Rhodes, 10/29/2012

The Obama Presidency is by measurable standards a failure.
  • When he took office there were 2.7 million long-term unemployed; the number of long-term unemployed is now over 5 million.
  • Income for the middle class has dropped nearly 10% from $54,962 to $51,002.
  • Gas prices more than doubled, it cost about $1.85 a gallon and is now at around $3.85.
  • Wars expanded in Middle East
  • Gitmo still open
  • US Citizens executed without arrest or trial

    You want more total people unemployed then vote for Obama.

    You want less income for the middle class then vote for Obama.

    You want higher gas prices (as he clearly stated he wanted) then vote for Obama.

    You want more undeclared War then vote for Obama.

    You want less civil liberties then Vote for Obama.

    Look at your grocery bill (or at the sizes of packaging). To keep from having to increase benefits to senior citizens, which are tied to inflation, the government has removed food and fuel from its cost of living calculations. Unless your blind if you buy groceries you know inflation is here, and your dollar is worth less. So we don't make as much in absolute dollars, and each dollar we have buys less than before. Kennedy made huge economic improvements in the short time he was in office. Reagan made dramatic improvements in the double digit inflation and huge interest rates and massive unemployment in his first 4 years. Obama can no longer blame the previous administration for our current conditions.

    Help Obama Keep his word and be a one term presidency if the economy hasn't improved, don't vote for him.

    That should not be read as an endorsement for Romney, it isn't. Romney on economic matters differs minimally from Obama. Romney is a Liberal New England Blue Blood, whose sole purpose is to protect old money (banks).

    None of the actions of Romney while governor would lead a reasonable person to believe that he would stand up for civil liberties any more than Obama has. None of the actions of Romney would lead a reasonable person to believe that we would get out of war any more than Obama.

    If you vote the issues then you won't vote for either Obama and Romney. Do the research yourself and look at more than just the Goldman Sachs approved choices of the Republicans and Democrats. On the issues compare Gary Johnson to the other guys. If you agree with more of Johnson's positions than Romney's or Obama's then vote for him. Don't worry, as no single vote can sway an election, you'll be better off if you vote your heart, you'll be able to live with yourself and your single vote compared to the 100 million or so other votes won't make a difference. But your single vote for the only candidate who doesn't support more war, who is for fiscal responsibility, and promotes civil liberty will make you feel better and send a small message to the Washington-Wall Street Cabal, that you are not happy with the current choices offered by the Goldman Sachs approved Republocrats and Demicans.
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