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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Choose Evil

By Tom Rhodes, 8/7/2012

When some idiot conservative Romney zealot tries to tell you that voting for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama, you must consider that they are either ignorant, really stupid, or a manipulative liar. There is no other choice.

If you don't understand that ONLY a vote for Obama is a Vote for Obama; that any non-vote for Romeny that is not a direct vote for Obama is unequivocally not a vote for Obama, then you probably have trouble with basic math mathematics, like understanding that 1 + 0 <> 2. No matter how you slice and dice it not voting for Obama cannot in any way be construed as a vote for Obama.

The Political application of the idea that if you don't vote for R then you are voting for O, is a logical fallacy, when your choices are R, O, J, B, . . . and Null. If you cannot master basic math maybe you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Anything that is not an "O" is not an "O", only in NeverNeverLand does J = O, or B = O. Only those votes cast for Obama will count as votes for Obama, period!

This voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil, you have other choices, voting for Gary Johnson or other third party candidate, or not voting for president, or writing in Mickey Mouse, none of those choices is a vote for Obama. This voting for the lesser of two evils may appear pragmatic, but it is a self defeating concept that guarantees results it is supposed to oppose.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. To quote VoxDay, "If you're still buying the 'we must defeat Evil X with Evil Y' after the debacle of the George W. Bush years, you're not merely wrong, you're observably stupid."

Voting for Romney is voting for a big Business - big government statist. Nothing in his history or his words indicates that he cares one bit about individual liberty, and although not a card carrying Marxist, his goals are clearly helping the oligarchy that is the Wall Street - Washington Cabal. He just favors Wall Street control over Washington control. Voting for Obama is voting for a big government - big business statist. Obama's actions and words clearly show that he too is interested in helping the oligarchy that is the Washington - Wall Street Cabal. He just favors the other side of the coin favoring Washington control over Wall Street control. Both are evil choices of selecting corporate crony rule.

If you think anything will change by picking the lesser of two evils, you are wrong. We've done that over and over again, with the same results, bigger government and more corporate consolidation, because of cronyism. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. Those who tell you that anything except a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, are insane, really stupid, or manipulative liars.

LP candidate Johnson may have shot himself in the foot with the majority of the American public, but at least his words, and most of his actions as New Mexico Governor clearly doesn't put him in the government is the solution to all our problems camp. Voting for Johnson is not a vote for the evil Washington - Wall Street Oligarchy, voting for either Romney is a vote for evil.

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