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Sunday, February 20, 2011

High Speed Rail - Letter to Nelson & Rubio

CC:Gov. Rick Scott,
Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos
Florida Speaker Dean Cannon
Feb 18, 2011

Dear Senator Nelson:

I am an active member of the Libertarian Party and a voter in Florida. I applaud Gov Scott's decision to reject billions of federal dollars to build a high speed rail in Florida. The governor rightly cited the inevitable cost overruns and over-optimistic ridership projections as factors in his decision to protect Floridian's pocketbooks.

Of the $2.4 billion dollars allocated to Florida for this project, $1.6 billion is "Stimulus" monies. This is money that the United States does not have as our nation is currently running a deficit (spending more money than it takes in) while it carries a debt of over $14 trillion dollars. Each taxpayer's share of this debt is in excess of $127,000! To keep up this level of spending, the government has to either print more money which causes inflation, or borrow from foreign countries like China that come with large interest payments that add to the deficit and debt. Either way these options are unacceptable and very simply the spending has got to stop!

I am deeply concerned, however, that hours after Gov Scott informed Sec of Transportation Ray LaHood of his decision, that you Sen Nelson, called LaHood to tell him that you were consulting lawyers with a plan to circumvent the Governor's decision. This rogue action on your part and others is contrary to the constitutions of the United States and of the State of Florida. Supreme executive power of the State of Florida is vested in the Governor's office, not the Senator's. It is Governor Rick Scott who is the chief administrative officer of Florida, not Bill Nelson. It was Governor Scott who was elected on a platform of reform in November, not Sen Bill Nelson.

Florida citizens passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 to renounce the development of high speed rail by the state. President Obama has a vision for high speed rail in Florida which is in direct conflict with the will of Floridians. We do not want the president's vision of transportation imposed upon us. High speed rail is to transportation as Obamacare is to healthcare. I urge you to stop meddling in this matter, and instead focus on how you are going to stop spending and get our country back in fiscal order. I urge you to reach across the aisle and join the freshmen Senators elected with a mandate in 2010 to stop the wasteful spending and to stop the practice of legislation by regulation and adjudication.

Last November, the People spoke loud and clear that they are tired of the out of control spending. This project is full of pork and will not help create jobs. As a Libertarian Party member, I will remember who fought for the people in November 2012!

Karl Dickey
Director At Large
Libertarian Party of Florida

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