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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Republicans Will Betray the TEA Party

I usually don’t make predictions, I hope and pray that I am wrong but I do not believe we will see much if any change in our government even if there is a GOP landslide tomorrow. The mainstream press has convinced the majority of the American electorate that there is a right-left struggle going on between the Democrats and Republicans. They even favor the left. They have it wrong. The struggle in the USA is between a few ruling elite (regardless of party) and the average person. The Democrats headed by President Obama are openly socialistic, and make no bones about taking away individual liberty for the good of society (better known as their corporate sponsors). The Republicans pay lip service to being conservative, but their actions are far from it. They simply put a conservative spin on their fascist and socialist policies dictated by their corporate sponsors.

Observing the actions of both parties, one would almost suspect that they would prefer feudalism, with themselves as the benevolent ruling elite. None of the actions of either party reflect a belief that the government is or should be of the people, by the people and for the people. Look at the viscous attacks made at average people who dare to run against the ruling elite. The response of the GOP to O’Donnell and Angle are prime examples. You can feel the disdain from the party for the people who would dare not choose the ruling elite’s anointed candidate. Make no mistake about it the Republicans and Democrats are run by bluebloods who do not want and will actively attempt to stomp out any opposition that isn’t from their ruling elite club (or at least bought and paid for by the bluebloods).

The TEA Party, is an honest grass roots uprising of the American populace that originated as a non-partisan tax revolt targeted at too much government spending. Voxday in is weekly column said “The tea partiers are political innocents, for the most part, which is why they are now being so easily co-opted by a Republican establishment that has expertly harnessed the energy of tumult among the grassroots in decades past.” He also predicts that the TEA Party may be one of the GOP’s biggest enemies by 2012. I agree, because the GOP has repeatedly shown that it is only loyal to the dollar and keeping power and not to principle.

I predict that the Republicans will betray the TEA Party once they are back in power because they will not address the most pressing problems facing the nation; namely the restoration of individual private property rights, root causes of our economic down turn, rule of law, immigration, and our constant state of war. I believe they may exacerbate many of the problems facing the nation.

1) Private property rights. Republicans offer nothing on this, they can and will work to protect corporate property rights, but when it comes to individual rights they remain silent or worse yet rule against the individual. They routinely support taking property from people without due process, where it is cash (which they say must be drug money with no proof), or excessive regulations which limit what you can do with your property, they do not stand for individual property rights. Their lips say they support your rights but their deeds say they support more government.

2) The economy. Republicans voice nothing but empty and meaningless double talk. There is not a single word from a Republican leader on the secrecy of the Fed, pension-fund shortages and state bankruptcies. With a rare exception of Ron Paul the GOP does not support a fiscally sound dollar, and it appears that they plan on printing more money to pay off the national debt. Do you believe that the Republicans will let California go bankrupt, let the tens of thousands of California government workers lose their pensions, and use it as an example for other states to adopt smaller government and lower tax models like Texas’ or do you believe they will work with the Democrats to find some way to have the federal taxpayer (that’s you) bailout California, and the other states which are technically bankrupt?

3) Rule of Law. The Republicans defense of big banks when caught committing massive mortgage fraud, is a clear indicator that the GOP will actively protect the big banks from being forced to suffer the clear legal consequences of their criminal actions. They do not support the rule of law. They are no different in acting like elitist snobs who consider themselves above the law, than the Democrats. They have been just as likely as the Democrats to exempt themselves and their cronies from laws that everybody else must follow.

4) Immigration. Clearly the Republicans are talking out both sides of their mouth. They won’t vote for securing the border, or for limiting social welfare programs for immigrants, or support enforcing existing immigration laws. The GOP wants open borders for a differ reason than the Democrats, but the result is the same. The GOP want to keep a surplus of low skilled labor in the country to keep labor prices down for their corporate sponsors, while the Democrats want more low income people to add to the government dole eager to increase voters who support bigger government. Although theoretically open borders is the most libertarian of ideas, the reality is that no country that doesn’t defend its borders and control immigration lasts for long. Its enemies have easy access and its will lose its cultural identity, and those who immigrate who don’t have a culture of libertarian ideas, will soon suppress liberty. The message on what immigrants who want to be successful in America should do is “Learn English and adopt American Values.” The old model of a melting pot was superior to and more successful than the current “cultural diversity” model.

5) Constant State of War. The Republicans use a constant state of war, whether real or artificially created, to justify massive expenditures, and intrusive control of the US population. They support invading and occupying other nations regardless of the cost, and rationale. It is better to fight terrorism outside US borders, but nation building is not and should not be the goal of our country. If the people of another country want liberty and democracy, they let them get it the same way we got it; Fight for it themselves. Our military should be given clear military objectives, not social engineering objectives. The military’s job is, and should be limited to, defending the USA and its allies, or conquering our enemies. Nation building, social engineering, and other non-military objectives should not be a part of our Military. The Military is a tool of FORCE, period. If the objective is not to use FORCE then it should not be the Military’s job. They are not called the armed FORCES for nothing. The constant state of war, is not only hugely expensive, but provides an excuse to trample the rights of the American people. The Republicans who brought us the unPatriot Act are not going to try and end our constant state of war which gives them so much power.

The Republicans don’t have a Philosophy of Liberty anymore than the Democrats. Their loyalty is to their power and the good of their sponsors, this will become evident in due time. Because their loyalty is not to the people of the USA, my prediction is the result of tomorrows election will put the GOP in control of congress which will tehn betray the TEA Party who elected them. When they do, ask your self is there a political party of principle? Is there a political party that believes you know what’s best for you, not some ruling elite in Washington? Is there a political party that actually espouses the values that this country was originally founded?

Please watch this video The Philosophy of Liberty. If Liberty and what it means is something you believe in and would rather have than some “Nanny State” taking care of you; then support your local TEA Party (which is not a political party) and examine the platform and beliefs of some of the third parties, and help end the Republican and Democrat strangle hold on American politics. The Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the same big government coin, and like that coin are becoming worth less and less. The Republicans will betray you, I for one hope that after you see that GOP has betrayed you that you look at the party of principle, the Libertarian Party.

Since when you vote tomorrow your individual vote is not of any real significance (no one person’s vote can or will change an election), then why not vote for your heart ,take a principled stand and vote for anybody besides a Democrat or Republican, preferably a Libertarian. But send a personal one vote message to both major parties that you’re fed up with them, and vote for a third party, the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, an independent, - Hell, vote for the “Rent is Too Damn High” party. Just don’t vote Republican or Democrat if you have a choice, you’ll feel better for sending the message. You don’t need to feel guilty, sense it’s obvious that the Republicrats and Demicans don’t worry about you, you don’t need to worry about them.

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