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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LP Poised to Take Advantage of the Paradigm Shift in America

Back in may I wrote about the Paradigm Shift in America. I said There is a paradigm shift in this country happening, it’s not Republican/Democrat or Left/Right, or Conservative/Liberal. The people are realizing that there is now a war between those who love liberty and all it entails and statists who want to control everything.

I knew I was right but I didn't recognize the vitriol and hatred of statists in fighting this shift. The GOP Statists are willing to sacrifice their own party to keep statists in charge even Democrat Statist. In general liberal Democrats are getting trashed in the polls and without the GOP Statists support will lose control of the House and Senate. Normally this would not be that big a deal as the Republican Statists (who run the party) would by and large act the same, and continue the erosion of liberty of the people for the concentration of more power in government, just at a slower more controlled less radical pace than the Democrat Statists have recently attempted.

The problem is the people of the USA, are not statists. The so called leaders of the Republican party, have lost a huge number of primaries. The people through true grass roots, not controlled by a major party, are not following the GOP Statists recommendations and are voting for libertarian candidates.

  • In the Kentucky primary, Republican libertarian and TEA Party supported Rand Paul beat the statist establishment candidate Trey Grayson.

  • In the Alaskan, unknown Tea Party candidate Joe Miller beat incumbent GOP Statist Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican Senate primary.

  • Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle trashed GOP Statist recommended establishment candidate Sue Lowden in Nevada’s Republican Senate primary.

  • Tea Party candidate Ken Buck beat GOP Statist recommended establishment candidate, former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton in their Colorado primary.

  • Tea Party candidate Mike Lee beat GOP Statist incumbent Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah.

    These are just examples where the statists in establishment are losing their hold on the American people. They don't like it. The shift isn't from left to right or Democrat to Republican, its from everyday Americans who have decided that they won't take it anymore. The people of this country, are now tired of the game, they aren't playing by the "rules" that the power elite have enacted.

    The big proof is in the actions of both of the statist parties. Democrats have cut their losses and are not funding candidates who have no chance in winning with the public in a pro-liberty anti-nanny-state frame of mind. Long established Republicans, who when faced with clear direction of the people in their party to replace them with more liberty loving candidates instead of accepting the statists the establishment wants install, either quit and went to the Democrats, or quit and run as independents. Many of them not only refuse to support their fellow republicans who won in the primary, but are actively working as spoilers to derail those candidates not selected by the statists in charge. They would rather a statist democrat win, then elect see a candidate of their own party who doesn’t support the ruling elite win.

  • Liberal Republican Arlen Specter realized he would lose the primary and switched parties. Hoping his name and the support of the other statist party will win him the election, regardless of the will of his formerly fellow Republicans in Pennsylvania.

  • Liberal Republican Charlie Crist dropped out of the Republican Party and announced he would be running as an Independent for the Senate in Florida. Even with Rubio's almost criminal political past, he knew he could not beat the more conservative Rubio. Again Crist is loyal to statist ideology not his party. This is an interesting race as both parties are actively campaigning to keep the Libertarian candidate Alex Snitker out of the polls, news and the debates.

    The statists are very sore losers. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) refused to support O’Donnell showing their true anger at the voters who didn’t select the candidate that they wanted. Because of the new media this blatant aggressive action against fellow republicans was exposed and the NRSC later reversed that decision and contributed the maximum amount directly permitted to her, $42,000. They have however not yet spent a dime in independent actions to support her the way they do their handpicked statist candidates.

    The people of this country are consistently choosing more liberty minded candidates over statists. National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), can no longer brazenly pick and choose more liberal Republicans over conservative/libertarian ones. Third parties, specifically Libertarians, are now performing well enough to cause the statists of both parties trouble and take note.

    The fear of GOP Statists is palpable; they are even coming to the Florida Libertarian Facebook page calling on Florida Libertarians for support. Pleading for us not to vote third party or the evil Democrat will win. The platform and philosophy of the Libertarian Party is and always has been the bedrock of American beliefs. Unlike the Statist Democans and Republicrats parties who whose only difference seems to be the speed in which they move the USA towards totalitarian statist control.

    I hope the GOP establishment and its sore losers don’t spoil the election for the libertarian and conservative Tea Party candidates who legitimately won Republican primary elections, overthrowing the will of Republicans who voted in the primaries. If they do however it may be a boon for the Libertarian party and possible lead to a viable third party in the USA. Wouldn’t it be interesting if without a clear majority in either the Senate or Congress both Statist parties had to start courting liberty minded officials in both their own and third parties.

    The pendulum isn’t just swinging left to right it’s now swinging from the idea that the government has the power to determine how you live your life back to our foundation, where the government isn’t trusted and is severely restricted. The political class doesn’t like it when the people don’t do what they are told. We are seeing history in a way that has never been seen before, rallies, gatherings, protests, not from the left, or the extreme right but from average everyday people who want less government and are willing to speak, act, and vote like never before. Neither the GOP nor the Democrats knows or understands the TEA party, their words, actions, and contempt clearly show they don’t get it.

    Bloomberg’s rant against the Tea Party is a great example. He doesn’t get it and doesn’t except what the Tea Party says about itself. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already, the entire basis for the grass roots rebellion is that we have Too Much Government. Specifically economic liberty, the people of this country realize that without economic liberty the other issues are just distractions. When your big problem is keeping enough of your wages to put a roof over your head and food on the table, it’s hard to get worked up over social issues. Property rights, and the fruits of your labor (wages) is your property, are the root of liberty. These are based on what our forefathers called “natural laws,” which the American people instinctively understand and accept. By securing economic liberty, they will protect their other liberties.

    The Libertarian Party understands, it’s platform, foundation, and position most closely reflects the attitude and beliefs of the American people. The pendulum is swinging back to liberty, now if the LP can grow up and quit acting like a social debate club it maybe the political home most Americans are looking for.
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