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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Biggest Evil of Obamacare

The biggest evil of the recently passed Obamacare has absolutely nothing to do with health care or insurance. Embedded in Obamacare is a total government takeover of student loans. This is a recipe for the destruction of our secondary education similar to the government’s destruction of primary education.

Why does the government seek a monopoly on college loans? Or to put it more bluntly, what moral or rational reasoning does the government have in not allowing private entities to loan money to others for education?

Let us consider that government control of K - 12 education has accomplished in the last 50 years. As a society c an you honestly say we are more educated, more well-informed, brighter, self-reliant and self-governing society as a result of the government’s near-monopoly on schooling. Are we more civilized, are we more caring are we better people than before the massive government control. No child left behind is a prime example, it translates into no child gets ahead; to the elimination or scaling down of higher level classes, and vocational classes in favor of ESE classes, and remediation. No longer are there Valedictorians, or competition for the best grades. Teachers are not allowed to post class rankings, as it might make those who don’t perform the best feel less happy about themselves. Gone is the shame of getting a low grade, and gone is the reward for excellence.

Now if the government controls the money for all student loans, it can then dictate college curriculum, dictate what classes are required, and what must be taught. The government can dictate what are acceptable lines of research,; acceptable courses of study, and even dictate how many students can be in what majors. If the government thinks that a school has too many English majors and thinks that it needs more accountants, it can simply deny loans for students with English majors and offer better rates for loans to accounting majors. The government uses money and how it doles it out to control the States, business, and individuals (they can’t mandate drinking age of 21, but they do deny highway funds to states that have a drinking age less than 21, hence the legal drinking age is 21). Taking over all college loans is about control and power not making student loans better for students.

How can a college or university peruse academic excellence, independent of the federal government? Simple, just refuse to accept federal dollars, including student loans with federal strings attached. There are a few colleges and universities in the country that do this, like Grove City College in Pennsylvania. What will happen to Grove City College, and the few other truly independent schools now that the government forces students to become indebted to the federal government? Will the few independent schools be able to remain free from Washington’s intrusion? Obviously this is a way to cripple schools which are free of the federal governments strings.

I’m trying to find some semblance of constitutionality that makes it illegal for any private institution to lend money to college students who need help. It's incredibly daring, and frighteningly unconstitutional. The effect of the government intrusion into education is devastating. It will make in nearly impossible to prepare free men and women to be self-reliant free independent citizens.

The ruling elite of the US want the most advance effective military in the world, it has it. The ruling elite of the US want to be unhindered by constitutional restrictions, it looks like they almost have it. They are working on creating a populace that will not hold them constitutionally accountable. The government is working to try and control what and how every person is educated; their stated goal is usually preparing students for the workplace – mass-producing cogs for society's cogwheels. Obviously the government doesn’t want free thinking, innovative, self-reliant, self-governing, and independent citizens. If it did want those results wouldn’t we have seen them, nobody or even group can be as totally inept as the government has proven to be in education. They have gotten the results they desired, inner city schools more like prisons, and a poorly educated unthinking dependent population. They are working to achieve the same thing in the suburbs and rural America. Look to our government doing like Germany and making homeschooling illegal, and determining what must be taught in private schools. On average home schooled children score higher on every standardized test, do better in college, are independent self starters, and self reliant. The examples are everywhere, voucher programs are successful, charter schools are successful, but the government ends these programs because it doesn’t have control. Total Government control of student loans a power grab, to control universities and colleges, and to control graduates after the fact.

How much more control are you going to give the government?

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  1. How long until certain books start disappearing from collegeand university libraries? Not long, I'm afraid, now that BB is calling so many of the educational shots.